Low-Income Texas Women Lack Access to Health Care

A Texas judge has officially denied Planned Parenthood’s request to be allowed to offer health services to low-income women in Texas through a state program. The result is that there are a lot of low-income women in Texas who now have no access to women’s health care. This is part of a long, long, story. This all started in February of 2012, when Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner, Tom Seuhs, signed a law that was designed to specifically exclude Planned Parenthood from receiving any of the funding that is earmarked for the Medicaid Women’s Health Program (WHP). At the … Continue reading

Lying is Bad

A student lied to me today. Actually, this particular student lied to me, to one of my teaching assistants, and to themselves. In a last ditch effort to salvage their grade for a course they’ve obviously never attended or done work for, this student tried to lie. I’ve never understood this compulsion to lie. I mean, I guess I “kind of” get it, but in my soul it just doesn’t make sense to me. Today I’m going to talk about honesty and success. Before my time as a graduate student/teacher I spent time working in a bank. As you may … Continue reading

Finances, Work and Marriage

Who is the main financial planner in your marriage? Is it you or your spouse? According to Nancy Gibbs in her article What Women Want Now, 65% of women cite themselves as being the family’s main financial planner. 71% labeled themselves the ’family accountant.’ Mediamark Research and Intelligence tends to back up those claims saying women in the make 75% of the buying decision in home in the USA. I wonder is it any different in Australia or the U.K. Anyone care to comment? Despite the recession and economic downturn many women have more control over money than ever before. … Continue reading

No homeschooler left behind act (according to me)

After taking a look at the No Child Left Behind Act, I decided to re-write a No homeschooler left behind act. Here is a summary of the NCLB Act No Child Left Behind requires all public schools administer a state-wide standardized test annually to all students. Schools which receive Title I funding must make Adequate Yearly Progress in test scores (e.g. each year, its fifth graders must do better on standardized tests than the previous years). If a Title I school fails to make Adequate Yearly Progress, it is put on a list of “failing schools” published in the local … Continue reading

Myths About Child Support

If you are a single parent with custody of your child, you should be collecting child support. However, that isn’t always the case. Did you know that according to the National Coalition for Child Support, there is $89 Billion in past-due child support currently uncollected in the United States. That doesn’t even include the parents who haven’t even sought child support yet. With so many people collecting child support out there, it seems that several myths have cropped up and here they are: Myth: Child Support goes to the child or children. Fact: Child support is exactly that – support. … Continue reading

Why Can’t all Homeschoolers Get Along?

There’s nothing about a group of homeschooling mom’s getting together to discuss homeschooling their kids. Often it is a source of encouragement and a much needed time of connection with people who are like minded. Sometimes however, such meetings can get contentious. Not all homeschoolers see eye to eye. This is of course, because there are many different types of homeschoolers. Classical homeschoolers with a regimented college bound course, can be dismissive of unschoolers, who let their children lead the way, whether it means college or not. Textbook-based homeschoolers, feel that Charlotte Mason type homeschoolers are missing out on technical … Continue reading

Cynthia Nixon and Girlfriend to Marry?

While one long time lesbian couple (Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard) is rumored to have broken up, another fairly high profile lesbian couple is set to tie the knot. Cynthia Nixon, who stars as Miranda Hobbs Brady in “Sex and the City,” has revealed that she and her partner Christine Marinoni want to get married. Nixon has never been married, but lived with longtime boyfriend Danny Mozes for 15 years. The couple have two children together – eleven year old Samantha and five year old Charles. Nixon did not reveal her relationship with Marinoni for a long time, but now … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review For April 14-20, 2008

With the sunshine replacing many of the rainy days we have been having, I have been trying to enjoy the weather whenever I can. This means I don’t have as much time to scrapbook, but it does mean I have a bit more time to write as I bring my laptop to the park or wherever I am planning on going. This is what I wrote while I was out and about this week. Adding a Bit of Flair on Layouts With Chalk Chalks, also known as pastels are so much fun to use on your scrapbook layouts. The vast … Continue reading

Homeschooling Middle School Kids

Homeschooling during the elementary school years means teaching kids the basics. It involves teaching, reading, writing, and basic math. Homeschooling during these early years also means setting your kids in the right direction in areas of emotional and social development. Homeschooling during the high school years means preparing your kids for adult life. This means intensive academic preparation for the college bound. It means internships for trade bound students. It also means slowly transferring adult responsibilities to your children and helping them learn to step into an adult role. Homeschooling middle school students are a different animal altogether. You have … Continue reading

The Real Problem with Homeschooling

I’ve only been homeschooling for a few years. . .my oldest is in third grade. But like all homeschoolers, I’ve heard my fair share of objections. I’m either unqualified (because you know, colors, numbers and shapes are so hard to master) or my children will be behind socially. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that we’re misfits and I’m okay with that on a personal level. However, it has always bothered me on a more philosophical level. I mean, we live in a society that is pretty much “live and let live.” No one wants to be told how to … Continue reading