How Breaking Your Budget is Bad for Your Health

Here is another reason to stay on your budget. Breaking it can actually be bad for your health. Agonizing about how you are going to afford a new purchase can stay with you, even after you solve the problem. Researchers now say that our brains don’t like being in debt. Having fears about money affect our health long term. Whether we realize it or not, debt causes stress, and stress causes poor health. Stress and pain seem to register much more strongly than does pleasure. So, the next time you feel ready to break your budget, keep this in mind. … Continue reading

Stress and Money

Stress and money go hand in hand. We stress about money, no matter how much we have. Moreover, when we don’t have enough, our money causes us further stress. It is almost a never-ending cycle. Still, it is a cycle I dare you to break. Stress deteriorates our quality of life and our health. The more you stress, the worse you will feel. Feeling bad and poor health will certainly cost you extra money. Once again, here is another cycle leading to disaster. Don’t let the stress associated with money overtake you. Find ways to make money easier to manage … Continue reading

New Years Perspective on Money

Who doesn’t want more money? Speak up now… I would love to hear it! The strange thing about money is you tend to spend what you have. Even hardcore savers do the same thing. The more you make, the more you spend. The same also happens in reverse. It seems to almost be subconscious. There is a mindset about how many dollars sit in your bank account. If you feel poor, you tend to be more careful with your money habits. This is one of the reasons why having an automatic savings plan can deceive your mind into feeling poorer … Continue reading

Cutting Back Financially

One of the main reasons that people do not to have a budget is because it means that you cut back on spending in certain areas. There are many reasons why people do not want to cut back: they work hard, they want to have fun, they want to provide everything for their children or they feel as though they have cut back everything possible. It is interesting to realize that everyone has a different threshold that they begin to feel deprived at. This conditioning has a lot to do with the way that you are raised. It is important … Continue reading

Money Week in Review June 3-June 18

We have covered several topics in the last few weeks. There are a wide variety of articles available to help you. Favorite Money Savings Tips shares five easy ways to save money. This article covers everything from groceries to gas. You can learn to make the most of your credit cards in Negotiating Credit Card Rewards. Debbie offers some great tips to help you ear better rewards. Have You Considered Downsizing? discusses the changes that you may make in order to live comfortably both now and in the future. This article focuses on why you may change and specific areas … Continue reading

Does Your Budget Make You Feel Poor?

One reason that many people hate budgets is because it makes them feel poor. It can be difficult to stop spending money any way that you want to. It takes time to become used to spending within the limits of your budget. You may feel that you are cutting back on things (like eating out, toys, and leisure items) and not seeing an immediate benefit. If you feel poor then your attitude about your money and life will change negatively. Here are four ways to stick to a budget without feeling poor. 1) Make sure that you and your husband … Continue reading

Why Do You Spend or Save?

What motivates you when it comes to your finances? Are you a big spender? Or do you consider yourself a saver? Do you enjoy budgeting? Or do you hate it? Or do you even bother to budget? It is important to ask yourself these questions and to truly understand the feelings that you have towards money. These feelings will affect the decisions you make and the financial success you do or do not have. It is important to find a good balance between saving and spending. I have known several compulsive shoppers and spenders throughout my life. I understand the … Continue reading

5 More Tricks I Use to Make it Work!

If you haven’t read the first part of this blog, you may want to check it out before continuing to read this one. I think that it is crucial to having the right mindset in order to understand how it’s possible to homeschool. Like all good teachers though, I have some tricks up my sleeve that I use to make sure that I get my children’s instructional time in. Note: Under New York State law, I am required to do 900 hours per year, which translates into approximately 5 hours per day. . .if you use a Monday through Friday … Continue reading

Does Money Equal Happiness?

Does money equal happiness? This is an interesting question. Many people would say yes, that having money would mean that you are happy. However managing your money so that you can meet all of your necessities and many of your wants is what would allow people the security, which may contribute to their happiness. Those who are poor and struggle to meet their needs (food, shelter and clothing) on a regular basis would find a lot of the pressure relieved if they had enough money to meet those needs. The worry that they carry with them each day might very … Continue reading