Starry Nights, Spooky Blog Tours, and Dachshunds: An Interview with Author Christine Verstraete

This next interviewee’s name may look familiar to you since I’ve interviewed Christine Verstraete before. Last time it was about her miniature doll hobby and the dogs she often includes in her displays. This time around I asked if she’d be interested in talking about Petey, the dachshund who stars in her new book, Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery. She again graciously agreed, and added something fun just in time for Halloween: details on her spooky blog tour and how you can enter to win a set of Halloween minis or a copy of her e-book, … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for May 7 – May 13

Aimee and her pooches Lally and Moose spent last week on a cross-country trek to get to their new home, so most of the contributions to the Pets Blog are mine I’m afraid. (In case you’re wondering how Aimee and her crew are doing, I did hear from her once last week. There was a Moose incident during one of the hotel stops involving a pizza delivery that I’m sure she’ll relate somewhere down the line, but other than that the trip seemed to be going well. I’ll be excited for her to return and am looking forward to reading … Continue reading