Bald is Beautiful

Someone once told me that bald only looks good on babies and old men. Well, clearly the person has never seen a young cancer patient rock a bald head. Kids fighting for their lives against insidious diseases like cancer, which can rob them of their locks during treatment, should never have to worry about whether or not they will be ridiculed by their peers for looking different. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who feels this way. The manufacturer of those uber-popular American Girl Dolls is making bald look beautiful. The company’s new “Doll Without Hair” line is quickly becoming … Continue reading

Do You Play With Your Kids’ Toys?

When they don’t force you to. Alone. Do you secretly swipe your son’s Game Boy or your daughter’s Easy-Bake Oven and go to town while taking a trip down memory lane? My 6-year-old has a container of Lincoln Logs that I play with more than she does. I don’t play with them by myself; however, she often insists that I create shops and restaurants with the notched miniature logs, so she has a place to take her doll house pals to shop and dine. Of course, if I did swipe the play logs and constructed architectural masterpieces on my own, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dora!

Okay, I admit it: We’re Dora fans… well, kind of. Come Sunday my 6-year-old daughter will be tuned into Nickelodeon’s TV movie, “Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure,” but not because she’s fallen victim to the pimped out backpack-wearing, adventure-loving girl with super rescue powers. Rather, my little wannabe dog has a thing for Boots, Dora’s pet monkey. So much for the girl power theory. Still, if it were not for Dora, there would be no Boots… or Diego or The Big Red Chicken or Isa or any other pastel-colored talking vermin. And whereas that would be just fine by me, childhood … Continue reading

Kids’ Meals for Parents

I’ve been known to down a Happy Meal or two since becoming a mom. However, consuming leftover fries and soggy chicken nuggets with mini teeth marks dotting the surface, has more to do with not wanting to waste food and money than with a personal preference for fast food kids’ meals. Quite honestly, I despise kids’ meals. And I could care less about Twilight. Nice to finally get that off my chest. So how is it that I am able to confess my distaste for two seemingly unrelated pop culture phenomenons in a single blog? Five words: Burger King Eclipse … Continue reading

Does Your Daughter Like Dolls?

My young daughter owns a Barbie. A single sneaker clad Barbie that sits untouched in the corner of our family room. The reason the iconic doll is even in our home is that she came with a trio of peeing and pooping puppies. My 5-year-old doll-loathing daughter happens to love dogs and went gaga when she discovered that she could get her hands on a bunch of potty training pups. The only problem: In order to get a family of urinating dogs, my daughter would have to (gulp!) buy an actual (gasp!) Barbie (gag!) doll. Barbie’s Potty Training Pups are … Continue reading

Where Are Max and Ruby’s Parents?

“Is Ruby Max’s mommy?” asked my 5-year-old, as we watched yet another episode of the animated Nick Jr. series, “Max and Ruby.” “No, she’s his big sister,” I replied. “Then, where’s their parents?” she retorted. It’s a question that has launched a thousand ships… okay, the vessels may still be in port, but the subject has apparently bothered enough people that there are now multiple Facebook pages dedicated to answering the question every parent (who has ever had to sit through more than one episode of the preschool series) has asked themselves: “Where are Max and Ruby’s parents?” I’ve pondered … Continue reading

What Parents Put Up With

And the Miley song was on And the Miley song was on And the Miley song was on… and on… and on… and on… And I thought the freakin’ fish song was bad. I stand corrected. Listening to Miley Cyrus’ hit song “Party In The U.S.A.” for the 10 billionth time is like getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer by manic railroad worker with good aim. The problem is my 5-year-old LOVES it. Which opens up an entirely different can of worms. For starters I’ve gone to great lengths to shield my baby from pop culture influences, including… … Continue reading

Are You a Closet “Twilight” Mom?

What is it about a vampire-werewolf-teenage schoolgirl love triangle that turns some moms to mush? “Some” moms… hmmm… make that millions of moms. Stephanie Meyer’s popular “Twilight” series about the mystical secrets involving Edward the vampire, Jacob the werewolf, and Bella the sweet schoolgirl loved by both of them, became an overnight success thanks in large part to the gazillions of teen fans who became enraptured by the books and subsequent big screen adaptation. But somewhere along the way, Meyer and her vampire romance sucked in a slew of ordinary moms. Only not all of them are willing to share … Continue reading

Homeless Doll Causes Controversy

Would you buy your little girl a homeless doll… for $95? If you answered “no,” did you do so because you didn’t think your daughter would be interested in playing with a doll whose family has been hit by the financial crises and must sleep in their car, or are you more offended that a doll manufacturer would require that you drop nearly $100 for the privilege of schooling your kid in Homelessness 101? Dropping $100 (not including hair accessories) on a doll? Heck, at that price we’ll all end up sleeping in our cars, and then our daughters can … Continue reading

Barbie Ban—Yea or Nay?

A West Virginia lawmaker recently introduced legislation calling for a ban on Barbie dolls in the Mountain State. The pretty, plastic blonde is an icon in the toy world, yet her legendary status hasn’t stopped Lincoln County Delegate, Jeff Eldridge from wanting her to disappear from his neck of the woods. If Eldridge gets his way Barbie will be banned from West Virginia store shelves. Oh, and Eldridge says parents will thank him for it. “I just hate the image that we give to our kids that if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful and you don’t have to be smart and … Continue reading