Honoring Our Children’s Individuality

I’d like you all to meet ToriAnn Perkey. She and her husband, Josh, are homeschoolers, and I’ve recently had several conversations with ToriAnn about her decision to homeschool and her philosophies concerning it. I’ll be sharing snippets of our conversation here on Families.com over the course of the next couple of weeks, and I’ll kick off by sharing highlights of our conversation about the uniqueness of children and how that led to our decisions to homeschool. I have four very bright children who keep me hopping morning, noon, and night. My decision to homeschool was largely based on my desire … Continue reading

Dr. Phil Smells Fresh Meat and Her Name is Britney Spears

Quick… name the one person you would have least expected to show up at Britney Spears’s hospital room to offer psychological aid to the embattled songstress. Okay, besides Robin Williams. If you answered Dr. Phil McGraw go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket. Dr. Phil… Britney Spears… could the insanity meter gauging this drama peak any more? You’ve got a 26-year-old head shaving, bird flipping, finger lickin’ mother of two young sons who appears to have serious psychological problems and you throw an oversized, over-hyped, TV quack into the mix… Apocalypse now. And the sad part is that Dr. … Continue reading

Gender Bias in Homeschooling?

In my last blog, I spent time answering a reader’s question about whether or not home schooling was sexist. There is a small movement among the home school population that seeks to encourage women to embrace their identities as future mothers and housewives. It concerned my reader because she/he translated that to mean that girls were not being taught other relevant subjects. I spent part 1 of these blogs talking about homeschoolers’ rights and whether or not we can tell people what to teach and believe and now I will address whether or not home schooled girls are receiving an … Continue reading

What If Your Kids Don’t Prove Homeschooling Works?

Statistics overwhelmingly show that home schooling works. There has been research that shows that home schooled kids are better socialized, have better opportunities, score higher on achievement tests, and get into better colleges. Colleges are coveting young homeschoolers who they deem are more mature as a group and more serious about their studies. In fact, I’ve yet to see a good study that suggests that home schooling, on the whole is bad for kids. But what if your kids just score average on their SAT’s (or worse–what if they don’t do well), and what if they’re socially awkward. What if … Continue reading

2006 in Review: Homeschooling Blog at a Glance

As a new homeschooling blogger at Families.com, I wanted to know everything that has been discussed to date. In response to my own curiosity, and in an effort to make perusing our articles easier for you, our readers, I have compiled all of the blogs for the year 2006. Deciding to Homeschool Why homeschool Am I qualified for this? Reasons that Homeschooling Works! My Most Important Advice for Homeschoolers. The Cost of Homeschooling Instead of standing up for their own kids, why not stand up for all kids? Disclaimer: I am hardly an expert in education. Did You Know? ‘Empirical … Continue reading

The 31 Most Talked About Blogs of 2006

Although there are lots of great articles here at the home schooling blog, not everyone has time to leave a comment. However, we bloggers love comments on our blogs–or at least this one does. I also like to look for other blogs with comments as a tell tale sign of a great article! How does a blog qualify to be on the most talked about list? I have included blogs that had to have at least 3 comments on them. Here is a look at which blogs gave occasion to comments in 2006! People comment when they can relate to … Continue reading

Why Dr. Phil?

“American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks belted out “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” Country singer Wilson crooned “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” Even 12-year-old “America’s Got Talent” champ Bianca Ryan chimed in with her rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” And, let’s not forget pop-opera quartet Il Divo’s take on the holiday classic “White Christmas.” All incredibly talented singers and worthy of being invited to perform at the annual “Christmas in Washington” concert at the National Building Museum. However, there was one name (okay, two) on the list that made me raise an eyebrow– TV talk show … Continue reading

After Tina Fey’s Impersonation of Sarah Palin, SNL Mocks Homeschoolers

A record number of Americans tuned in this past weekend for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live to see Tina Fey impersonate Sarah Falin. It was hilarious. I even heard that Palin herself gave the performance a thumbs up. If you stayed tuned however, and you are a homeschooler, you may have very well been offended just two skits later. They used the standard school contest motif where two groups of students try to answer the most questions correctly. Homeschoolers, with biblical names and bad haircuts were on one side. Your average looking public school students were on the … Continue reading

Publicly Educated and Can’t Research

This is not a tirade against the public school system so if you’re looking for something to bash public schools you’ve come to the wrong place. However, this is about one sadly researched article ironically entitled “Homeschooling Researched” by Katie Criss. In it, Miss Criss explains why she is against homeschooling with her research. On a side note, I contemplated not responding to this. After all, I’m not obligated to read, comment on, or even think about poor arguments or badly written essays. Then I thought about parents who were on the fence about homeschooling, I thought about the poor … Continue reading

The Sunday Evening Review: Dec. 3

Welcome to this week’s review of our blogs. It’s the beginning of December, the beginning of the shopping season, and beginning of a new era here at the Homeschool Blog at Families.com!! That’s right, we’re welcoming a brand new blogger here. You can read her introduction in, New Homeschool Blogger Introduction. I personally am very excited to have a homeschool blogging “buddy” and I am greatly looking forward to all that she has to offer. Look for more of her blogs coming out soon! This week’s state was New Jersey. I must say if you live in New Jersey you … Continue reading