How To Have A Happy Home

Is your home a happy home? I always imagined the American dream, Mom, Dad, kids, living happily every after in a house filled with sunshine. That didn’t happen for me but it was still important that our home was happy. Lots of times I didn’t have the time or energy to make our home happy, I thought it was a lot of work until I discovered it really is the little things that make a happy home. Show affection, every day. Start your day with a hug and end it with a hug. Hug hello and goodbye. It’s amazing how … Continue reading

Playing Games with Sore Losers

I’ve mentioned before that we like playing educational games as part of our homeschool routine. My thirteen-year-old son loves to make everything he does into a game, and he learns best when there are elements of fun. Most days, it’s tough to get him to participate in school, so I add games into the mix to keep him connected. However, I have two other sons who struggle with the whole winning/losing concept, and while you can modify games to eliminate winners and losers, I’m not sure you really should. In life, there are those who achieve more success than others. … Continue reading

Home Businesses with Low Start Up Costs

Starting a home business can be present itself with large start up costs. However, in today’s economy people are looking for ways to make extra money or replace a job loss with a home business. In that case, you most likely do not have funds lying around to get you out of the gate. Listed are some businesses that have little start up costs. If these are not your cup of tea consider starting one you are capable of to fund the small business you are dreaming of. Cleaning Business: If you have a good vacuum you can start a … Continue reading

Giving Thanks for My Home Based Businesses

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I love the idea of dedicating an entire day to reflecting on things that we are thankful for and spending time with loved ones. In fact, one of the things that I enjoy the most about it is that the arrival of Thanksgiving gets people in a grateful and appreciative mood before the actual holiday as well as during and after it. Today, I would like to join my fellow bloggers Richele McFarlin and Stephanie Romero in expressing thanks for my home based businesses. My two home based businesses have given me the freedom … Continue reading

Homeschooling and the Work-at-Home Mom, Part Two

The other day, I spoke about working from home and homeschooling, and shared my thoughts on the concept of balance. Today I’d like to talk about involving our children in our home businesses. Our goal as parents is to give our children a solid foundation of principles and skills so they can go into the world as caring, responsible people and be able to create a good life for themselves. You can take your home business and use it as a teaching tool for your children, a way to help prepare them in these areas. 1. As you work your … Continue reading

Another Step Towards Opening Your Home Based Business

After thinking a bit about the suggestions that I wrote about yesterday, I realized that that I should talk a little bit about the importance of doing these smaller steps close enough together so that you can build momentum that will carry you through those crazy initial days, weeks, and months after you are open for business. I would suggest that you complete one of the steps each day, or every other day. Of course, you may need to tailor that suggestion a little to your schedule but it is important that you not spread them out too much because … Continue reading

Job Satisfaction? Home – Based Professionals Can Have That!

People that are wondering about whether working from home will work for them often have a lot of questions about what it is really like to work at home. One important question that is likely to be on the mind of anyone that is considering making the switch to home-based work is whether home-based work brings as much job satisfaction as work outside of the home. It is certainly easy to go on and on about the lifestyle satisfaction that comes along with making the switch to home-based work, but lifestyle is not everything. In order to feel fulfilled, most … Continue reading

Game Review: Dream Chronicles

If you enjoy playing casual games, such as Diner Dash, Farmville, Bejeweled, Mystery Case Files or Plants versus Zombies, then I think you are going to like Dream Chronicals, especially if you are looking to step up to something with a little more adventure. A cross between hidden object and adventure game, Dream Chronicles attempts to bridge the gap between the casual game and the traditional game. It does a decent job with this goal, and the pros outweigh the cons. In Dream Chronicles, you are Faye, a woman who wakes up one day to find her husband missing and … Continue reading

Home-Based Businesses “On The Side”

While many home-based professionals leave the world of traditional work in favor of a home-based career, not all people who work from home have left their 9 to 5 jobs behind. One person might remain at their job while they start their home-based business, until they grow the business to a point where it can support them as a full time venture. Another person might start a home-based business that they keep small on purpose, so that they can work at both their “regular job” and the home-based business. In the past, having side businesses was something that people were … Continue reading

A Dream, Some Hope, and a Laptop

As I reflect on my first year in business as a writer, the biggest thing that comes to mind is how much I still love it. This is not uncommon; in fact it often happens when a person leaves the world of traditional work and starts a business doing something that they love. When I started my writing business I knew that I would enjoy working as a writer, but I did not realize that I would come to enjoy it more and more as I went along. In the year that I have been working as a writer, I … Continue reading