The Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism going. A healthy nutrient dense breakfast should maintain your blood sugar until lunch. Skipping breakfast seems to be a common practice these days but it’s not a very healthy one. On the other hand eating empty calories (foods with little to no nutritional value) is equally problematic. Since our bodies need 6-10 hours of sleep every night and since it’s not recommended for the average person to eat past 9PM, our bodies have been fasting and conserving energy for several hours. Breakfast is what wakes up the … Continue reading

Pregnancy: The Good and The Bad

Isn’t the beginning of pregnancy funny? You feel like your stomach is growing right away. It certainly feels different. Regardless, you know that everyone else sees a typical figure; and unless you’re a celebrity, they’ll suspect bloat or a big lunch before they ever suspect a baby. It’s hard to look halfway: to be too big for your normal clothes and not quite big enough for your maternity wardrobe. I was seventeen weeks along before the mailman who delivered to my office each morning finally felt comfortable extending his congratulations. Apparently he had congratulated a new mom on her pregnancy … Continue reading

Drink a High Protein Fruit Smoothie to Fight Morning Sickness

It can be hard to stomach breakfast when you are pregnant if you are suffering from morning sickness. The last thing you feel like doing is eating. Ironically, eating is the best thing for your morning sickness, provided you eat the right types of food. It used to be that experts always suggested saltine crackers or something similar, and some still do, but recently it has been found that foods high in protein tend to have a bigger impact on morning sickness than foods high in carbohydrates. Many women have good luck with eating fruit as well, so an easy … Continue reading