Germs Among Us

I’m not 100% positive, but I think my brain is hemorrhaging. My eyes sting, my sinuses are on fire, and my temples are sizzling from what feels like an acid-like substance that’s coursing through my veins instead of blood. Oh, and my 7-year-old is going on week three of her cold from purgatory. And by purgatory I mean one step away from Hell, not Heaven. Our doctor, along with every other health expert I’ve seen yapping it up on morning news shows this week, keep reminding us to wash our hands “thoroughly,” as we are smack in the middle of … Continue reading

Driving the Family Germ-mobile

“If you’re a soccer mom, you’re essentially driving a germ-mobile.” Or so claims a microbiologist from the University of Arizona who conducted a study on bacteria levels in people’s vehicles. The conclusion: Most of us are driving around in motorized toilets. Scratch that. Actually, what this germ expert concluded was that in most cases the toilets in our homes are cleaner than the interior of our vehicles. Food for thought the next time you consider loading up the kids for a ride to grandma’s house. Before you start bleaching your dashboard take a look at the details of the study: … Continue reading

Make Money from Mom’s Taxi

Just when you thought you couldn’t wear another hat, your kid decides to join the school’s soccer team and now you are spending yet another afternoon carting him to and from practice, in addition to driving him to piano lessons, Scouts, and karate. Mom’s taxi is constantly on the move, so why not make money from your driving skills? While it’s not a traditional home business, running an independent taxi service is not a far-fetched idea for an ambitious mom; especially one who practically lives in her vehicle. If you are worried about the type of people you’d be driving … Continue reading

Dirty Habit

Remember when you had your first child and his pacifier fell out of his mouth at the park?  You wouldn’t dream of letting your precious peanut place the plastic plug back in his mouth after it touched the ground.  Not a chance.  Rather, you likely pulled out a fresh binky and let your baby resume sucking on it. Then, you had baby number two.  When his pacifier fell to the ground, you picked it up, brushed it off on your sleeve and stuck it back in his mouth without thinking twice. Looking back, I bet it’s hard to tell whether … Continue reading

Say Goodbye to the Five-Second Rule

Are you a proponent of the five-second rule? For busy parents, the five-second rule is typically standard operating procedure.  This is especially true for parents with multiple children.  Whereas firstborns usually gets a clean pacifier if their original hits the floor, by the time the third kid comes along, he’s lucky if mom wipes said pacifier before sticking it back in her child’s mouth. Sound familiar? Well, you may want to start thinking twice about following the famed five-second rule. According to researchers at San Diego State University, if an item falls on the ground, it is not safe for … Continue reading

Jumping Ban

This just in: Trampolines are dangerous for kids. In other news, the sky is blue. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Earlier today, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced that parents should ban trampolines from their backyards, as they could be potential death traps for kids. Citing nearly 100,000 serious injuries in 2009, the AAP issued the warning and noted that safety nets parents erect around the personal jumping devices do little to protect kids from harm. In fact, members of the AAP state that trampoline nets are often more of a detriment than a benefit because they … Continue reading

Hantavirus: Are You Afraid?

Yesterday, while on recess duty at my daughter’s school I noticed two kindergarteners making sand castles near the playground’s baseball diamond. And by sand castles, I mean dirt mounds. By the time I realized what they were doing, the bell rang and they started dashing toward the cafeteria door to line-up for lunch. Fortunately, another mom was able to make them out through their respective dirt clouds, intercept them and escort them to the restroom to wash up. “Did you see how filthy they were?” the mom asked as I held the cafeteria doors open. “Human petri dishes,” I sardonically … Continue reading

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

Hopefully, not your kids, especially if the button in question is a battery. Button batteries, also know as coin cells, are designed to power small portable electronic devices, such as hearing aids, pocket-sized calculators, wrist watches and handheld video games. However, for some young children the smooth and shiny batteries are also the perfect fit for their mouths. In fact, so many children have attempted to “taste” the tiny batteries that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just published a report warning parents about battery-related dangers. The CDC’s report states that from 1997 through 2010, nearly 30,000 children ages … Continue reading

Clothes Cleaning Conundrum

I love my daughter more than life itself, but, oh, the laundry that kid creates. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate that parenthood would make me a slave to my washing machine. Then again, I never dreamed that I would one day have to padlock my laundry detergent in order to keep my kid alive. Apparently, convenience comes with a price. According to doctors across the country, those new mini laundry detergent pods could do more harm than good, especially if you have curious, young children at home. The Associated Press recently published an in-depth report on the … Continue reading

The Dirt on the Dirtiest Surfaces in America

If you are a parent, the following news may come as a huge relief to you, or it may send you running to the nearest soap dispenser: According to a new scientific survey, play areas at fast food restaurants are not the germiest places in America. Rather, that dubious distinction goes to gas stations. Specifically, gas pumps handles. Given that we are a third of the way through the annual cold and flu season, it seems fitting that we’d get the first look at test results that feature the nation’s most highly contaminated surfaces. Thanks to the folks at Kimberly-Clark … Continue reading