Guide to Interior Doors for Your Home 2

How to choose interior doors should be given a lot more thought than it is in most people’s homes. Interior door choices can solve all sorts of problems from a noisy laundry room to a bathroom that is too small. In my previous post, I started talking about some of the different choices in interior doors and listing the pros and cons of each. Now, I’ll continue with the rest of the types. If you missed that earlier blog post, click here: Guide to Interior Doors for Your Home. Pocket Pocket doors are related to sliding doors in that they … Continue reading

Guide to Interior Doors for Your Home

Interior doors can update your home and give it a new makeover, or solve a stubborn closet or laundry room problem. But not all interior doors are the same. Different designs and even different materials have different purposes. Here is a guide to tell you what you need to know about interior doors for your home. Let’s first take a look at the style of doors. The different types of interior doors include hinged, sliding, pocket, bi-fold and folding doors. Hinged or Hung A hinged interior is the classic door that most of us think about when we think of … Continue reading

Dry Erase Door

There are so many fun types of paint out there these days. These paints can let you be really creative, especially when it comes to a kids or teen’s room. Previously, I talked about using blackboard paint for some different home projects. Now, let’s take a look at another great type of paint: the dry-erase paint. Dry-erase paint can be applied to any porous surface, such as wood to create an instant dry-erase board. Once the paint is throughly dry, you can use dry-erase markers to write on the board. With a simple wipe, the marks will come off and … Continue reading

Affordable Snow Day Fun

  With yet another wicked winter storm readying to slam into several states from New Mexico to Illinois, millions of parents are gearing up for a snow day.  For kids, having a day off from school is a dream come true, but for many moms and dads the unexpected break is a true nightmare, especially if said children turn restless and cabin fever strikes. To preserve your sanity as Old Man Winter blasts into your neck of the woods, consider the following fun and affordable projects and games designed to keep your kids busy and out of trouble: DIY Decorative … Continue reading

Affordable Party Decorations

Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your upcoming Super Bowl party, your child’s birthday celebration or a back-to-school bash, there’s nothing more exciting than a piñata.  What’s more, the smash and grab craft is quite affordable if you make your own at home. A piñata is little more than a large papier mache. All you need to make a basic piñata is a balloon, newspaper (cut into approximately one-inch wide strips), liquid starch, masking tape, glue, and crepe paper streamers. To start, blow up a large balloon.  This can be used to make a football shape, a … Continue reading

Affordable Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

So much for my New Year’s resolution. I’ve been consuming carbs at a frightening pace while battling severe allergies. Truthfully, I doubt the two are correlated.  Rather, I am blaming the wicked winter weather.   I’d bet a hundred bucks I wouldn’t be tempted to gorge on donuts, French toast and cinnamon buns if I were basking on a beach right now… in a bikini. Winter is brutal here in the Upper Midwest, which is why so many people suffer with seasonal doldrums.  The winter blues can strike family members of all ages, including children.  Consequently, it’s a good idea to … Continue reading

Spot Cleaning Tips

There are so many little things that can make your home feel dirty. No matter how clean it is if there are scuff marks on the linoleum and fingerprints on the door, the house feels dirty. Some of these things are easy to fix, a quick swipe with a wet cloth and the fingerprints are gone, and since it’s so quick, you can run around and grab all the doors. However, some things don’t go away so easily. Like scuff marks on the linoleum. If you have kids, you have scuff marks, sometimes you don’t even need the kids and … Continue reading

Spring Clean Your Seats

I grew up in Hawaii where locals don triple socks and double pants when the mercury dips below 65 degrees. So, imagine my surprise when I moved to Wisconsin and found that people here sport shorts when temps rise into the 40s. Yesterday the shorts were out in full force, but white skin wasn’t the only thing shining in my neighborhood… so were the white plastic deck chairs. We have a few of these affordable chairs that we haul out every spring to add to our outdoor living space. However, right now they are far from shiny. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading

The Calendar Work

I recently obtained a dry erase calendar and I’ve re-found the joy of planning things out in a non-digital fashion. While the digital is ideal for a number of things it doesn’t seem that the digital captures doodling very well (at least on non-touch screen) and I need to doodle to plan things out. I had forgotten that fact. While digital alarms, loud pop-up reminders, and a nice everywhere-you-need-it calendar are certainly good things I really need to plot things out in analogue once in a while. This free piece of plastic has really changed the way I think about … Continue reading

Great Home Tips

I’m always searching for great tips that I can use around the house. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most ingenious. When faced with a common problem, little household tips can come to the rescue. Here are some ideas that I have been thinking about or practicing lately. I keep a spray bottle with a half vinegar and half water mix under the bathroom sink, along with some soft rags. The spray bottle and rags make it easy to clean up the shower doors, the sink and anywhere in the bathroom in just a few minutes. Plus I know that … Continue reading