Do You Love Your Spouse or Their Salary?

The other day Wayne and I got to talking about marriage, money, and respect. We’ve both known several people who divorced their spouses once they started bringing home the bigger paycheck. Specifically, women who divorced their husbands because they earned more than he did. “It has to do with respect,” Wayne said when we were talking about a particular friend. “She never had much respect for him to begin with. So once she started earning more, she lost what little she’d had.” “That’s pathetic!” I said. “If I ever made more than you it wouldn’t change how I felt about … Continue reading

Money Can be a Problem for Marriage

Money problems are one of the oldest and most difficult problems that confront married couples whether they have been married for five days, five months or five years. So deciding how money is going to be handled is among the most difficult decisions and one where all the guidance in the world does not provide a sure-fire formula for what will work. There is a great book on the subject called Financial Planning for Couples by Adriane G. Berg. Berg makes the observation that a couple will know what feels fair. If it feels fair – then it’s right. Joint … Continue reading