Affordable Easter Treats That Won’t Cause Cavities

When Peter Cottontail’s cousin comes hopping down the bunny trail this Easter he’s sure to leave behind a smorgasbord of sugary treats, much to the delight of your children… and their dentist. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with indulging in a few Easter goodies, parents may want to supplement their kids’ saccharine-laced haul with a couple of holiday treats that won’t cause cavities. Easter-themed books starring popular children’s literary characters are a wonderful alternative to gigantic jelly beans, colossal chocolate creatures and marshmallow menageries.  What’s more, you won’t have to go into debt purchasing these fun-filled page turners that are … Continue reading

Prepping for Easter Pictures

Easter is a week away, which means that even the most reluctant shutterbugs will be reaching for their cameras. Holidays bring out the snap-happy in all of us. Even if you don’t take pictures on a daily or weekly basis, Easter is typically a time when we want to at least try to document special memories. The problem is succeeding. If you don’t take aim with your camera on a regular basis, you might be rusty, and your Easter photos will show it. To avoid snapping ugly holiday pictures, consider the following tips: Lighting: Try to take as many Easter … Continue reading

More Places to Find a Sensory Friendly Easter Bunny

This year, many places are having “sensory friendly” Easter Bunny events. It might also be called a “sensitive” or “caring” Easter Bunny. The purpose it to provide an environment that is easier for kids who have an autism spectrum disorder, a sensory integration disorder, or other special needs, to be able to enjoy a visit with the Easter Bunny. Here are a few more places you can find a “sensory friendly” Easter Bunny. On March 31, 2012, the Huntington Mall, which is located in Barboursville, West Virginia, will have a Special Easter Bunny event. It will begin at 9:00 in … Continue reading

Where to Find a Sensory Friendly Easter Bunny

Last year, around Christmas, several places offered “sensory friendly” or “sensitive” Santas. This enabled kids who have autism, or sensory integration dysfunction issues, to visit with Santa. Now, there are “sensitive” Easter Bunny events being held, for the same group of kids with special needs. On March 31, 2012, there will be a Sensitive Easter Bunny at the Timothy Hill Ranch / Apple Day Camp, which is located in Riverhead, New York. This event is for children who need to visit the Easter Bunny in a sensory friendly environment. The event will begin at 10:00 in the morning, and will … Continue reading

Snapping Baby’s First Easter

My cousin’s son is celebrating his first Easter tomorrow, and knowing his snap happy parents, the kid will likely be blind by Monday. Hopefully, it will be sunny so they won’t need to use their camera’s flash. Regardless of your subject’s age it’s always better to use natural light rather than artificial, though with babies this rule is even more important due to their delicate features. When snapping Easter photos of your newborn aim for an early morning or late afternoon session. These times are known as the “golden hours” and are best for natural light photography. Consider dressing your … Continue reading

Disney’s Easter Specials

Disney might not be throwing as big of a party for Easter as it does for other holidays, like Christmas or Halloween, but there are still a variety of spring holiday events and offers going on this year. The official Disney Parks blog has all the details on the various happenings. First, any Disney World guests this weekend should be pleased to know that the Easter Bunny himself, along with his wife Mrs. Bunny, will be making appearances to greet fans. The Easter Bunny’s actually spent the whole past week at the Magic Kingdom, doing a meet-and-greet at Tour Guide … Continue reading

Easter Family Portrait Tips

Whether you have a family of five or 15, you want your clan to look its best when shooting Easter portraits. In order to snap frame worthy family shots during the holiday weekend, consider the following tips: Coordinate: You don’t want to set up a shot that features little Johnny in his Easter Sunday best while grandpa is sporting his work overalls and boots. Consistency and coordination is key when taking family portraits. When you are shooting a large group you want to direct the viewer’s attention to the subjects’ faces, not a slew of distracting garments. While you don’t … Continue reading

The Easter Bunny: One Giving Rabbit

Who is the Easter Bunny? We know he keeps good company with the likes of Santa Claus, and we know he brings baskets of goodies to kids at Easter. But do we really know why? Or how it was this generous bunny came to be? History: Why a Rabbit Who Lays Eggs? The notion of an Easter bunny predates Christianity. Symbolically, eggs, hares, and rabbits have all represented fertility in a variety of cultures. Somewhere along the way wires got crossed as traditions and beliefs merged and an egg-laying bunny was created. One who bore colored eggs no less. A … Continue reading

Easter Fun in Cold Weather

Today, in Colorado, the temperatures are just below freezing. Icicles are forming everywhere from the melting snow. And we have up to three inches of snow scheduled for tonight. Not exactly ideal Easter weather. I still think of green grass, flowers, new spring dresses, and flowered hats as being Easter. But I know all the little girls in their pretty spring dresses will be covered up by their winter coats for church tomorrow. It’s not the first Easter we’ve had snow. In our sixteen years here we’ve made more than one snow bunny instead of snowman. We discovered that the … Continue reading

What is Easter Really?

It might shock some to learn that Easter is not actually a Christian holiday. Easter has very clear pagan roots that predate Christ in the flesh. The name “Easter” derives from the pagan queen of heaven Ishtar or Astarte, as well as various other names depending on the region celebrating. During some Easter celebrations, men and women would assemble in a circle around a fire each placing a piece of oatcake in a shepherd’s bonnet. One of the pieces would be blackened. Each person was blindfolded and chose a piece of oatcake out of the bonnet. Whoever chose the blackened … Continue reading