Genalogy And Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are having trouble selecting a costume, why not check out the branches of your family tree for some inspiration. Whether you select a cultural look from one of your ethnic origins or an outfit honoring a beloved ancestor from a specific time period, your costume is sure to stand out from the sea of devils and witches at any Halloween party. Imagine how much fun it would be to dance the night away in Roaring 20’s style. Civil War Era costumes are another interesting way to dress yourself and your family. Did … Continue reading

How Not to Go Broke Celebrating Halloween

(All treat no trick) You don’t need to be a parent to know that celebrating Halloween is not cheap. These days dressing up as a naughty nun and gorging on 100 Grand bars can really set you back, and not just spiritually. The cost of costumes, candy, decorations and fillings for cavities caused by giving into your Laffy Taffy addiction is scary expensive. And, if you have multiple kids to costume and provide school treats for, the total cost of the holiday can be even more frightening. In 2011, Halloween surpassed Valentine’s Day as the second most expensive holiday celebrated … Continue reading

Easy Halloween Treats

Looking for some easy last minute Halloween treats? Try the following recipes and ideas from the best of the web! Creepy Cupcakes If you want to get brains, bats, ghosts or creepy crawlie bugs, why not do it in the form of cupcakes, where things get a little too cute to be scary. The sweet monster is adorable. Family Fun has a bunch of different ideas. Use boxed cake mix and prepared frosting to make putting these together so easy. Family Fun Halloween Cupcakes Another one of my favorite places for fun ideas is the food network. They have…you guessed … Continue reading

Last-Minute Homemade Halloween Treats

I dread going to Target on Sundays. However, I dread the place even more on Saturdays, which is why I was there today. Procrastinators were out in full force today scooping up half-price Halloween candy like it was the November 1st. Frankly, I was surprised Target slashed prices on some of its trick-or-treat candy. I thought that’s what post-Halloween sales were for. Regardless, there is some cheap candy to be hand out there. Still, I didn’t cave. By this time tomorrow my kid will have hauled in her weight in cheap treats and she’ll want something with a little more … Continue reading

Be Prepared and Safe for Halloween

A little preparation can ensure that you reduce the risk of injury this Halloween. Protect your family as well as all of the other little trick or treaters this holiday. If you are giving out candy and treats this Halloween, first example your porch, walkways and yard for possible hazards. Put away anything that could be tripped over, such as sprinklers, hoses, tools and toys. Make sure that your door, walkway and yard are well lit. Avoid hanging heavy decorations that could cause injury if they fall. That should do it for those visiting your home. Now lets talk about … Continue reading

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think it’s due to many happy childhood memories I have of this season and of this holiday in particular. But it just might be my pets’ least favorite, as a new report calls Halloween the most dangerous holiday for pets. The Baltimore Sun has the scoop from the Pet Poison Hotline. Just hearing the name of the company releasing the report makes it obvious why Halloween is considered so dangerous: chocolate. That’s right; the hotline says that calls made to it go up 12% this time of year. The first step I should take … Continue reading

Halloween Fun With Your Baby

Last Halloween, we did not go trick-or-treating. My son was only 6 months old and we did not think it would go over well. Plus, it might have looked pretty silly to ask for candy when it was clear we would be the only ones eating it. This year, however, we will be taking him trick-or-treating with both sets of grandparents. Some of our friends and family will have treats that are toddler friendly and we think that our son will get into it now that he is old enough to grasp the concept. We are also working on “please” … Continue reading

Halloween Makes Insurance Tricky

Halloween is strange, from an insurance standpoint. For just one night, a group of complete strangers are going to arrive at your door, expecting to receive candy and treats. Most of these strangers will be children, and not all of them will be accompanied by adults. All of them will be wearing a costume, which means they may be wearing masks that obstruct their vision, or an outfit that makes it difficult for them to walk around. There is great potential that an accident will happen! Unfortunately, there isn’t anything called “Halloween Insurance”. So, what can you do to protect … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Weeknight Recipes

With Halloween just a few days away you might be looking for dinner recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. If you are like me, then you also want a recipe that contains more nutrients than a bag of Skittles, so your little ghosts and goblins have the energy they need to canvas the neighborhood. Growing up my parents wouldn’t allow us to begin trick-or-treating until we ate a nutritious dinner. Of course, getting squirmy, excited kids to chow down on a plate full of chicken and broccoli was never an easy task. These days parents have a bigger … Continue reading

Halloween Candy Cheesecakes

Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to serve up on Halloween or you are searching for a way to use up leftover Halloween candy (trick-or-treating starts today in my neck of the woods) you might consider checking out the following recipes. Both feature popular Halloween candy. The first recipe is one that is specifically designed for the stressed out cook, who is scrambling to find an easy no fuss dessert to bring to a Halloween party at the office, a neighbor’s house or school. You can make this Super Simple Snickers Cheesecake in less than 20 minutes (it … Continue reading