Pets without Odors

When I invite a friend over, I go into a bit of a cleaning frenzy. I vacuum and dust and clean the bathroom… but I also brush the couches and pick mud out of the door tracks. I fuss over the various spots that various dogs have left on the carpet, hoping to somehow hide them with clever lighting or furniture movements. The only person who’s ever commented on or obsessed over the smell, however, is me. I have two big dogs and I worry that my apartment is stinky because of them. (I have the same worry about my … Continue reading

What Your Nose Knows

Don’t knock your nose — scientists believe that the nose is capable of recognizing thousands of smells. In fact, studies are showing that your sense of smell may be as much as ten thousand times sharper than your sense of taste. That’s pretty amazing! So how does smell work? Inside your nose are millions are cells that act as scent receptors. We have hundreds of different kinds of smell receptors that allow us to identify lots of different odors. Once your scent receptors detect a smell, they send the information to a cluster of neurons in the brain known as … Continue reading

Eliminate Odors In Your Home For Less

Everyone has odors and strange smells floating around their homes from time to time. Everything from diaper pails, to smelly shoes, and bathroom odors to pet odors, they all cause smells that aren’t so pleasant. With all the air fresheners, scented candles, sprays and other products available, a person could go broke trying to reduce or eliminate odors throughout the home. However there are some ways you can use everyday household items and other inexpensive products to reduce or eliminate those odors. It does not have to break the bank. Baking Soda This is the number one product for odor … Continue reading

The War of the Smells

Ah, spring. When a young dog’s fancy turns to the awakening smells of the world around her (or him). I’ve already had to declare war on mud. People warned me when I moved to the Pacific Northwest that it would be rainy and it would be muddy. The rain, I can handle. I’ve got a knee-length waterproof coat with a deep hood and plenty of pockets for poo bags. But Moose, Lally, and I track in lots of mud. These days, the war on mud is mostly under control. I’m now the proud owner of TWO vacuums — one small, … Continue reading

Asthma, Allergies and a Few Frugal Cleaning Solutions

My two year old son recently spent a week in the hospital after suffering a severe respiratory infection. While he had been a healthy baby, now we suspect that he may be suffering from both asthma and seasonal allergies too. During the week of his hospitalization, I had a meltdown. I sent my husband to stay with him at the hospital while I frantically cleaned our home. I hadn’t slept for days and I was determined to kill whatever virus landed him in there in the first place. With my bottle of three-in-one cleaner in hand, I sprayed everything from … Continue reading

Frugal Spring Cleaning: Taking Advantage of Nature

It is Sunday evening and we are still settling in to our new home. It is a great house and property, but it needs a lot of TLC. There are big things to do and small things to do before this house will truly feel like home. One of the most immediate things to do here is some good old fashioned spring cleaning. The house, I am afraid looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for a very long time. Cleaning one single window pane required three whole paper towels to before they wouldn’t come up black, and that was for … Continue reading

Do You Febreze?

Febreze fabric refresher is another one of my favorite products. What’s not to love about instant freshness in your home? There are several different formulas as well as other great Febreze products available. If you like the Febreze line and you want some great discounts, check out the offers at Start Sampling. *Be sure to check out the Deals, Freebies, and Coupons Blog for great offers on other products too. Fabric Refresher Febreze Fabric Refresher is available in Original Scent, Mint and Refresh, Spring and Renewal, Meadows and Rain, and a special formula to eliminate pet odors. There is also … Continue reading