Encouraging Resourcefulness in Our Kids

Resourcefulness is more than just a basic life skill. I think that learning and developing resourcefulness can be one of the most important things our children achieve. I know it doesn’t sound glamorous–but resourcefulness equals creativity, flexibility and resiliency and, as most of us have learned from the realities of life–these qualities can mean both survival and happiness. So, what can we parents do to encourage our children to develop resourcefulness? I think that children learn resourcefulness through plenty of trial and error–they need to be able to figure out how to do things on their own; how to solve … Continue reading

Despite Appearance, They Really Do Want Structure

It might seem obvious that little children need and want structure and organization surrounding their lives–but it can become less obvious as kids get older. The way they push against those limits and seem to embrace mess and chaos can cause us to believe that they really don’t want the structure and organization we parents impose. But, the truth is–even those teenagers who are telling us to “loosen up” and “butt out” really do want structure and organization–they are just trying to learn how to do some it themselves. I think we humans strive to make order and structure out … Continue reading

Children Need Human Contact

E-mail, computers, electronic games, the telephone–today’s kids have an entire world of “socialization” that occurs without them ever coming face-to-face with an actual human. Add to this reality, the fact that many live far away from grandparents and extended relatives, or never really get to know the people who live in their neighborhood and you can see how our children might be literally starved and challenged when it comes to actual, live human mentors and connections. I believe that we all need human contact for optimal personal development (not just our kids)! Many of our children go to overcrowded schools … Continue reading

Help Children Get Good at Some Things

I wrestled with exactly how to title this blog and this was the best I could come up with. I want to write about how gaining skills and mastering some things is a huge benefit to a child’s developing self-esteem. A child doesn’t have to be fabulous at everything, but parents can help encourage interests and the development of skills. Getting good at and mastering skills and “things” is an important step in a child’s personal development. I am not talking about talent here, but more about how when we learn how to do things well—sometimes very ordinary things—we gain … Continue reading