California Bill Will End the Use of “Mentally Retarded”

The California Senate recently passed a bill that would permanently remove “the R word” from laws and other provisions. The purpose is to remove the word, (or the phrase), because it can be used to bully people who have certain types of special needs. It is also an outdated term, that should be updated. The California Senate unanimously passed a bill called SB 1381. Before it can become a law, it will also have to be passed by the California House of Representatives, and then signed by the Governor. If SB 1381 becomes a law, it means that California will … Continue reading

Movie Uses the Word “Autistic” as an Insult

There is a brand new movie called “21 Jump Street”. It is about two underachieving police officers that are assigned to blend in at a high school in order to bring down a drug ring. In this movie, the police captain uses the word “autisic” as an insult. The new movie “21 Jump Street” seems to be very loosely based on the main concept of the television program of the same name. Two young looking police officers, (played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum), are given the undercover assignment of blending in with teenagers at a high school, for the … Continue reading

Spread the Word

As human beings, it is our job to protect each other and help each other. We are faced with that choice on a daily basis on both a large and small scale. We choose to yell at other drivers or we choose to smile and let the car next to us merge into traffic. We also choose to talk badly about our fellow humans or use inappropriate and hurtful language. Since 2009, the group Spread the Word to End the Word has been working worldwide to end the common use of the word “retard” to describe something someone thinks of … Continue reading

Rosa’s Law Signed

On October 8, 2010, President Obama signed Rosa’s Law into effect. Although the day came and went without a huge amount of fan fare, it was a historic day for both our country and for the Marcellinos family, whose daughter Rosa is the face behind the law. Rosa has Down syndrome, and when her school labeled her as mentally retarded, her family began their mission to remove the word retarded from government language. Their quest began in their home state of Maryland with big brother Nick speaking up for his sister in front of state government officials. The fight then … Continue reading

Ending the Use of the Word “Retard(ed)”

The use of the word “retard” is abundant in our popular culture these days. But just as other words have been become culturally unacceptable, so should this one. It is offensive to a large group of our fellow Americans (and fellow humans throughout the world) and is often used in a derogatory way such as when Jennifer Aniston jokingly said, “I play dress up. I do it for a living, like a retard” in an interview on Regis and Kelly in August of 2010. Most of us don’t think about those we are offending, and sometimes words just slip out. … Continue reading

Doctor Denies Kidney Transplant for Child – Controversy Ensues

A three year old girl named Amelia has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. She also needs a kidney transplant. Her mother claims that a doctor has denied her daughter’s transplant specifically because her daughter is developmentally delayed. This has created a ton of controversy across the internet. Chrissy Rivera is a mother of three children. She has two sons who are healthy. She also has a three year old daughter, named Amelia, who has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. This is a chromosomal disorder that is caused by a partial deletion of the short arm of chromosome 4. It is something that an infant is born … Continue reading

April is National Autism Awareness Month

Since the 1970s, The Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness month. It takes place every April. The purpose of this month is to bring awareness to the general public about what autism is, and what it is not. It is the perfect opportunity to educate people about autism. Perhaps there is an event going on in your neighborhood that is a part of Autism Awareness month. If you check out the Autism Society website you can find several suggestions about what you can do to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. This year, there is a movie that they feel … Continue reading

Childhood Seizures: What Parents Should Know

If your child had a seizure, would you know it? And would you know what to do? What is a seizure? A seizure is a brief period of time when a person’s brain has a surge of electrical activity. The surge temporarily alters consciousness, perceptions, and/or muscle control. Children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, mental retardation, or any neurological disorder are at higher risk for experiencing a seizure. It’s a good idea for parents to recognize the symptoms and know what to do. Possible signs of a seizure: Staring Spells. If your child has episodes of staring into space, make it … Continue reading