Two “Epic Mickey” Sequels in the Works

It seems that despite some gamers’ somewhat reserved opinions (including my own) Disney Interactive has decided that “Epic Mickey” was, well, epic enough to deserve not one but two sequels. In fact, “Epic Mickey” will follow in the footsteps of the other most famous, or at least the most popular, Disney video game: “Kingdom Hearts.” After KH’s release it was succeeded by two more games: a proper sequel out on its same platform, the PlayStation 2, and a smaller game bridging the two larger ones made for Sony’s handheld device. Gaming website IGN has details on the two games. The … Continue reading

Obscure Disney History in “Epic Mickey”

Who are you again? “Epic Mickey” was a video game that, while enjoyable, suffered from multiple problems. One of them was that it perhaps catered to too narrow of an audience. It was chock full of Disney history – and I mean old school, black and white short cartoons Disney history – but it was a video game. How many gamers also get a thrill from references to Mickey’s most obscure cartoon companions? I imagine that there isn’t too much of an audience overlap. Of course that’s not to say that no one enjoys the two; the game’s developer himself … Continue reading

Epic Mickey: Fun, But Not “Epic”

“Epic Mickey” for the Wii is a fun game that, despite its enjoyable game play, still manages to be mostly a tale of wasted potential. I say this from two points of view: both as a gamer thrilled by the early edgy concept art, and as a blogger for a family website determining its appropriateness for children. Nothing in “Epic Mickey” should frighten either the kids playing the game or their parents questioning its suitability. It’s not too scary or violent; in fact, the morality system allows for a non-violent option when facing enemies. Mickey wields a paintbrush and with … Continue reading

Epic Mickey

One of the things I like best in a video game is a good story. Developers make use of advanced computer technology to program sometimes 20-minute-long animated movies to appear throughout certain video games, especially at the beginning and end, to make the experience as much about hearing a story as about playing a game. And those are my favorite games. Foremost of them all, in my opinion, are Kingdom Hearts I & II, which fuse the world of respected Japanese gaming franchise Final Fantasy with Disney. The player’s character travels to various Disney locales like Atlantica from “The Little … Continue reading

Is It Time for Mickey Mouse To Get a Facelift?

Can an icon still be an icon if its image changes? That’s the question Disney officials are asking themselves as they begin to consider a reinvention of Mickey Mouse. That’s right; the trademark mouse in Disney’s house might be getting a makeover. Disney executives are concerned that the younger generation doesn’t care about Mickey. In 2009 only 20% of Mickey’s $5 billion merchandise sales came from the United States. Consequently, the folks at Disney fear that Mickey is nothing more than a corporate mascot to American children, and that’s the issue they want to address. Other than saying considerations are … Continue reading

Disney News – Mickey, The Little Ones & More

It’s summer time and that means summer changes to Disney World’s resorts and parks including new hot spots to catch Mickey in and new programming. So what’s happening at Disney this summer? Mickey and the Gang Have a New Spot at Epcot Mickey Mouse is by far the most asked after character in the Disney parks. Beginning this month, you’ll be able to find him at another location daily. They are adding a new Epcot spot to his schedule. So where is this spot? Head over to Innoventions West, where Mickey will join his longtime companions and friends, Goofy, Pluto, … Continue reading

Disney Interactive Unveils New Game, Console Plans

Disney’s never been much of a name in gaming.  Disney Interactive is the only branch of the company that has reported consistent losses.  In the past few years, Disney hasn’t even put that much of an effort into console gaming, choosing to focus on simple games played on websites like Facebook or on mobile devices.  But that might be about to change. Gaming website CNET reports that Disney’s taken out a patent for a gaming console that employs augmented reality.  This isn’t the first of Disney’s augmented reality patents; late last year I blogged about one involving images projected over … Continue reading

Limited Time Magic at the Disney Parks

2013 is a big year for the domestic Disney Parks. 2012 saw a lot of change for the both of them, between the reimagined California Adventure and the Fantasyland expansion (the largest in history for the Magic Kingdom). To celebrate, both parks are throwing a party for 2013, called “Limited Time Magic.” One-of-a-kind events will take place at the parks at certain times throughout the year next year. The official Disney Parks blog has a look at some of them. Two follow holidays: Valentine’s and Independence Day. For Valentine’s the Disney Parks are rolling out “True Love,” an event lasting … Continue reading

Exploring the New Official Disney Website

I promised a preview of the new official Disney site, and today I’m delivering. The new Disney site isn’t that different from the old one, it’s just got a sleek new redesign. The front page is less cluttered than before, and is on a bright white background rather than the previous black. I’m actually a little surprised at how plain the front page is; there are plenty of thumbnail pictures and links, but there’s nothing going on around the edges. The official Disney site is a good place to go if you’re a general Disney fan, but aren’t really sure … Continue reading

Disney Interactive Teases Big Game Releases for 2013

“Cars 2: The Game” made even less of an impression than the film As much as I’m a big Disney fan and a big video game fan, I’m not into Disney Interactive. That’s the company’s video game arm. So when a Business Insider article reveals that CFO Jay Rasulo hints that 2013 is going to see two big titles come out in the first half of the year, my response is a resounding “meh.” The first title is “Epic Mickey 2,” due out at the beginning of 2013. I enjoyed “Epic Mickey” and the details I’ve seen for its sequel … Continue reading