Finding the Christmas Spirit

  Sitting on Santa’s lap is not the only way to get into the Christmas spirit.  There are dozens of affordable travel opportunities that will help you get into the holiday mood, including: Indiana:  Gather the kids and head to Santa Claus, Indiana.  The town celebrates Christmas all year long, but during the month of December things really hit a fever pitch.  In addition to snapping photos of your kids with St. Nick, your entire clan can tour a Santa Claus museum, shop at Santa’s Candy Castle or enroll in Santa Claus training workshops to learn the find art of … Continue reading

The More the Merrier

One way you can save a substantial amount of money on a dream vacation is to travel with another family or gather your friends and escape as a group. Discounts for larger groups are available for lodging, airfare and popular tourist attractions. The trick to making this money saver work for your clan is to select your travel companions carefully. Finding a destination that will appeal to a wide range of age groups can also be challenging. In addition, you have to consider other people’s preferences, as well as safety concerns. Would you feel more comfortable vacationing with your group … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” Those four little words can result in major anxiety for parents traveling with children. The dreaded chorus emanating from the backseat of the family vehicle is far from music to parents’ ears. Fortunately, if you are planning to hit the road with your pint-sized clan this summer, there are ways to keep the “Are we there yet” blues at bay. While music is a quintessential part of a family road trip, rather than have your kids sing a melancholy melody, turn them on to classic travel tunes. Sure, “99 Bottles of Root Beer,” may keep the … Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Survival

Do you remember when Oprah and her BFF Gayle embarked on an 11-day summer road trip across America? The queen of talk’s cross-country adventure served as a reminder to many of us about the challenges associated with being crammed in a limited space for an extended amount of time with more than just ourselves. Even the people we claim to love with our heart and soul can get under our skin during a long car ride. To avoid taking a turn into vacation purgatory this summer, it’s critical to be well prepared. Remember, when you’re cruising along the highway, one … Continue reading

Tips for the Teen Road Trip Challenge

For many parents, taking teens on a summer road trip is not exactly a relaxing vacation option. In fact, for some moms and dads, the idea of being trapped in a cramped vehicle with moody kids could be categorized as downright torture. The mere act of persuading a teen to enthusiastically partake in a family road trip is a challenge in itself. However, once you hurdle that initial obstacle there are ways to make the rest of the trip run a bit smoother. And who knows; you may even strengthen the family bond in the process. Choice of Vehicle: Embarking … Continue reading

Traveling With a Three Month Old

We have taken a lot of long trips with our son beginning when he was three months old. Many of our trips were from Texas to the midwest, a fifteen hour drive. Our biggest concern was how our son would handle such a long trip at such a young age. Thinking ahead, I knew that my cluster feeder would need to nurse frequently but nursing him in the car while the car was in motion was not an option. I could not fathom having to stop every hour or so to nurse our son especially since we can normally make … Continue reading

Travel Buddies

My daughter’s spring break is quickly approaching. The upcoming 10-day vacation has been a hot topic in the school’s lobby where parents gather to pick-up kids at the end of the day. This year, I’ve discovered that many families are buddying-up and heading out on the road together. Have you ever vacationed with people you were not related to? It’s not a bad idea, especially if your children and their children get along well. However, if only one of their kids is the same age as yours and the rest are either much older or younger, you trip may prove … Continue reading

Reducing Vacation Stress

I love going on vacation. It’s the stress of planning and packing for the trip that I dread. This is especially true if you are the one in charge of prepping the entire family for a getaway. Having to pack for three or four little ones in addition to getting your personal items together can be a real chore. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the amount of stress that comes with family vacations. For starters, regardless of where you are planning to travel, it’s a good idea to create a packing checklist. Include functional clothing that can be … Continue reading

Chinese New Year Birthday Party

Did you know that the seventh day of the Chinese New Year is considered “everybody’s birthday”? Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year which is a time for sons-in-laws to pay respects to their parents-in-law. In addition, families who’ve lost an immediate relative in the past three years will not be partying at other people’s homes tonight. Rather, the day is reserved for visiting cemeteries and remembering loved ones who are no longer on Earth. This tradition is practiced in China, as well as Taiwan, Vietnam, and other nations with a significant Chinese population. Here in the … Continue reading

Double the Fun

Experts predict the weak economy will continue to affect the travel industry well into 2012. Fortunately, there are ways you can escape with the entire clan without breaking the bank. One option that has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years is traveling with another family. If you love spending time with your BFF and her family, then consider doubling the fun by combining your broods and jetting off on a getaway the whole group will enjoy. Depending on the size of your collective crew, you can save a bundle by taking advantage of group travel discounts. To … Continue reading