When Adoptions Don’t Work Out

No one wants to talk about it—not adoptive parents who know how wonderful adoption can be, not prospective parents who desperately want to believe that love will conquer all, not professionals whose reputations and self-image are based on facilitating the happily-ever-after family. Adoptions that don’t work out are a small percentage of adoptions . However, they can represent ten to twenty percent of older-child adoptions (different agencies define “older child” differently when keeping statistics. I believe it generally refers to children over age seven.) Adoptions of older children are ten to twenty percent more likely to eventually disrupt than adoptions … Continue reading

The Children Discussion

Last week I posted my recent rumination on whether or not I’m ready to have kids. Looking back, I realized that based on the tenor of my article it really belonged more in the parenting or pregnancy blogs. Why? Because it focused on me and my marriage is made up of two people. Today I’ll rectify that by going over what the discussions on the topic have been like for my husband and me. Jon and I didn’t talk about whether or not we wanted kids until we were engaged. Perhaps we should have done so sooner; what if we’d … Continue reading

First Match Meeting

We went to our very first match meeting on Friday. This was for match #2. We met with the adoption recruiter, along with the child’s case worker and guardian. We also heard briefly from the girl’s current foster mom, who called in for the meeting. I have to admit, I am really hopeful. I just love this girl already, and I think it’s because she is a lot like me. She has been through a lot, she has trust issues, she is scared to get close to anyone, and all that is understandable. But, she is also motivated and determined, … Continue reading

Are You Not Your Pet’s Favorite Person?

Don’t take this the wrong way. I love my dogs and my dogs love me. But my girl dog Lally goes absolutely CRAZY when my father comes over. He shows up at the door and it’s like I’m invisible. She sniffs him all over and “boxes” him in joy. Hey, she’s half boxer after all! In Lally’s eyes, there’s nobody she’s happier to see than my dad. And I know it’s not that she doesn’t love me. She’s my baby girl! But sometimes there’s just That Special Person out there that your pet goes crazy for. I get to be … Continue reading

Ten Signs that Your Child May be Gifted

Gifted and creative children often have behavioral problems in school which resemble ADHD, ODD, or other disorders. Sadly, many of these children are reprimanded, medicated, and denied the ability to reach their full potential. When this happens, our entire society suffers. Imagine if Einstein, Churchill, Edison, and other great thinkers who struggled in school were held back and forced to be ordinary. What if we had labeled them as slow learners and medicated them? How might the world be different today? I wonder why we assume children who misbehave are unintelligent. For some reason we’ve adopted this thinking in the … Continue reading