Lushes Exercise More

Newsflash: That guy you see at the gym grunting near the free weights EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. may be hitting the bottle even harder than he does the pec deck. According to a new study, people who drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis may be more likely to exercise than their dry counterparts — and the more they drink, the more likely they are to work out. “A possible motivation is that people who consume alcohol recognize that it contains a fair number of calories, so they exercise to counteract caloric intake,” the study’s lead author notes. The study, published … Continue reading

How Exercise Can Help Chocoholics

If you are desperately trying to overcome your addiction to chocolate this blog might come in quite handy. According to British researchers, chocoholics can reduce their cravings by taking a simple 15-minute stroll. The results of this new study are making headlines around the world (which just goes to prove how powerful the lure of chocolate really is). In a recent news conference scientists announced that for the first-time ever research shows a link between exercise and managing food cravings. The study followed 25 self-professed “chocoholics” (defined as people who ate chocolate on a daily basis). Each chocoholic was told … Continue reading

Exercise Haters Anonymous

Do you hate exercise? Would you attend a meeting for exercise haters anonymous? Do you feel ashamed of the fact that you hate exercise, but not enough to push yourself into an exercise program? Do your palms get sweaty when other people talk about personal trainers? Does your heart race when you hear people making plans for hitting the gym? Well, relax. To be perfectly honest, exercise in and of itself doesn’t sound appealing. If you live in a world where you are constantly crunching time and finding five minutes to yourself is an onerous task, then trying to set … Continue reading

The Fitness Blog Week in Review June 2 – June 8

Is it Saturday already? This has been a crazy week and our plans were sidetracked hard because the daughter was sick all week. She suffered from a high fever for five days and now she has a full-fledged head cold. Hopefully next week will see us back out on our bikes and swimming again. In the meanwhile, here is our week in review: Saturday, June 2 Does Becoming a Parent Means Becoming Sedentary? Studies suggest that with the shifting priorities and lack of sleep after a baby is born, parents are less likely to exercise than they were before they … Continue reading

Exercise After Eating Can Be Beneficial

If you exercise after you eat, you might be doing yourself a favor and lose more weight than if you eat after you workout. The Surrey University and Imperial College London researchers have just published a study in the Journal of Endocrinology. Participants in the study cycled for an hour at about 65% of their maximum heart rate after they ate a meal. How Does This Work? Participants usually waited an hour after their meal before exercising. The interesting portion of the study details that even those participants who were exercising ate more than normal. According to the scientists who … Continue reading

Making Healthy Living Your Lifestyle

Healthy living for some people comes naturally. For others it takes effort, time and some adjustments to their lifestyle. First take a look at your lifestyle. What are you eating? What are you doing in your spare time? How much exercise do you get each week? How many hours of sleep a night do you get? After taking a look at where you are at, pick one or two things to work on. It could even be a small change in what you drink or eat. For example, if you are an excessive coffee or soda drinker, scaling down to … Continue reading

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals by Missy Chase

Missy Chase Lapine has given parents 272 pages of good advice in her book, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals. We all want our children to eat healthier and cringe when they balk that they do not like their vegetables. We cannot force our kids to eat what they should. We cannot bribe or punish them either. It just does not work like that. They either have to want to eat what we make or make what they want to eat with a few extra ingredients added to it. Ms. Lapine shows us … Continue reading

Journal Your Way to Fit Living

You will hear me say this often, that fitness is a lifestyle. I really do believe that fitness is about more than just exercising to tone up or lose weight. I believe fitness should encompass every aspect of our lives. Fitness is about fit living. Fit living is more than just squeezing in some exercise. It is about keeping our minds fit, eating healthy and yes, even getting enough rest. It is about living a balanced lifestyle. I am a really strong advocate for journals. I have kept many different types of journals over the years. What I find beneficial … Continue reading

Research into Yoga’s Health Benefits

As a growing number of doctors are embracing the health benefits of yoga, studies continue to show the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Two recent studies looked at health benefits of yoga previously discussed in this blog: back pain and depression and showed further evidence that yoga is more than just exercise. Both studies were conducted by the National Institute of Health. In the first study, researchers looked at people with symptoms of depression. The study found that when people took a regular yoga class, the symptoms were reduced by about 45 percent. In the second study, researchers investigated … Continue reading

Two Dozen Motivating Reasons to Lose Weight:

I’m happy to be guestwriting in this blog. You can also find me at the Adoption Blog here on, where I’ve written for over 2 1/2 years. Our responses to food are often not totally planned. Try programming your brain to think in new ways by reading, every morning and evening, your reasons for losing weight and possible things you can tell yourself in a tempting or difficult situation. Here are two dozen of my most serious motivations for losing weight. (My next blog will share two dozen more light-hearted–but sometimes no less motivating–reasons.)Maybe some of them are yours. … Continue reading