And Snap, the Job’s a Game!

Getting your kids to do chores around the house may seem like an impossible task. Let’s face it you probably don’t like vacuuming anymore than they do, so of course they are going to fight you on it! The younger you start the easier it will be. Believe it or not, even your toddler can help with simple chores around the house. Time to get those creative juices flowing! The more fun your kids are having the more likely they are to want to do chores the next time you ask them. Turn on some music and see who can … Continue reading

Turning Cleaning into Exercise

Yesterday I decided to do some “fall cleaning.” Yes, I like to be different. Instead of deep cleaning my home in the spring (when I would much rather be outside), I do it in the fall. It helps prepare my home for the upcoming holidays and I like it to be really clean when I am going to be spending so much more time indoors. I only tackled my living room yesterday but it took me a good 3 hours. There was a lot of scrubbing (I have hardwood floors), wiping down walls, dusting and wrestling with these new sofa/loveseat … Continue reading

Pros and Cons to Elliptical Machines

I am a pretty big of my elliptical machine. I have a NordicTrack, found at most exercise stores and department stores that carry exercise equipment (such as Sears). Although the elliptical machines are one of my favorite workout machines, like with any machine, there are pros and cons. Pros One pro to an elliptical, whether at the gym or at your home, is that it is an indoor workout. Indoor workouts are convenient when the weather outside is less than desirable. Indoor workouts can also be safer. Instead of running outside where you have to deal with terrain, the elliptical … Continue reading

Marriage and the Creative Temperament

Marriage to someone involved in the creative arts can sometimes be an interesting exercise. It doesn’t matter whether it is writing, painting, sculpture, pottery, music, theatre or film or any other creative arts. One aspect one writer brought up is that many involved in the creative arts do not make great incomes. We’ve all heard of the struggling artist in the garret. Writer, actor, artist it’s not such a cliché but often the reality. So for this reason they need a spouse with a regular income. Sometimes the person with a creative temperament can be a little hard to live … Continue reading

Do You Look at Exercise as Punishment?

Do you look at exercise as punishment? If you do, you are not likely to be successful at keeping up a good exercise routine. However, too often that is exactly how we view exercise. Were you ever told as a child to “Drop, give me 10” because of something you had done wrong? My youngest son who started not only middle school this year but his first year of tackle football experienced that. The coaches would “punish” the kids by making them do extra laps or push-ups. In fact, after one sorry loss in a game, they had to drop … Continue reading

Listen to the Music

What purpose does music and singing serve in church? To some people it may seem a pointless exercise. I mean how many other places do people gather together and sing? At a football game when passions are aroused or possibly at a karaoke night if that is your thing. So it’s not common for people to get together and sing these days, so why do it at church? Some people think it’s to set the mood. But music does more than that. When it is done properly music can set the whole tone of the service, it can reinforce the … Continue reading

De-Cluttering your House, Body, and Soul

I am not a minimalist, although I have been accused of being one. My husband and I both don’t like a lot of “stuff”. It could be because we have moved 7 times in our 8 years of marriage. And, frankly, when you have a lot of stuff, you have to move all that stuff, and I hate moving! But, recently, we had an Enrichment meeting at church on how to get organized. It got me thinking about what I could organize better at home. I immediately thought, I have to get rid of some toys because Christmas is coming … Continue reading

Body Gospel: Faith and Fitness

Are you familiar with Power 90? Power 90, made by Beach Body, is a 90 day work out program designed get you in awesome shape in a short amount of time in the comfort of your own home. If you have no time to go to the gym or no desire, Beach Body provided a way to get into great shape that’s just between you and your DVD player. Quite some time ago, I owned Power 90. I loved the program and it truly did help me get into shape. At the time I was working out at a gym … Continue reading

Abandon All Distractions!

I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a big problem. I’ve got lots of reading to do and lots of writing to do and it has to happen now. I’m feeling super-stressed and minus-time. I need an extra day a week and then some. I need a (completely safe and non-addicting) way to work twenty-four hours every day and I need it fast. Alas, this will not do. I cannot sleep less and expect to stay awake while reading. I cannot create an extra day or even a few more hours. What can I do? I’m quite seriously looking for suggestions … Continue reading

Exercise Time with Dad

I’m overweight. It’s true. Not horribly, but enough. I’ve needed to work out for a long time. Back when I was acting with greater frequency my workout was part of my work. I would be learning dance choreography for a musical or repeating the same physical motions with ever greater precision over and over and over again. Now I sit at a desk mostly. I read, I write, I think. You know that statue of the guy thinking (yep, that’s it) it’s kind of like that… except looking at me would not immediately remind someone of a work of art. … Continue reading