Exercise Boosts Your Brain at Any Age!

If you’re worried about your brain’s health, you might want to think about your physical fitness levels. A new study from the Center for Brain Repair and Rehabilitation at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden looked at the link between physical fitness and brain fitness (or, if you want to be technical about it, call it “cognitive function”). Researchers looked at data on more than a million Swedish men born between 1950 and 1976 who enlisted for military service at age 18. Included in those 1.2 million men were more than a quarter of a million siblings — and some … Continue reading

Forget Gatorade, Grab Bowl of Chex Instead

Fitness fanatics take note: According to a new study, the next time you are in need of a nutritious boost, you should dip into a bowl of whole-grain cereal rather than sports drinks like PowerAde or Gatorade. Researchers maintain that a small bowl of whole-grain cereal is as good as a sports drink for recovery after exercise. Fitness physiologists say they found that readily available and relatively inexpensive breakfast food is as effective as popular, carbohydrate-based “sports drinks.” Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin recently studied post-exercise physiological effects of foods with the help of 12 trained cyclists, … Continue reading

How Exercise Can Help Chocoholics

If you are desperately trying to overcome your addiction to chocolate this blog might come in quite handy. According to British researchers, chocoholics can reduce their cravings by taking a simple 15-minute stroll. The results of this new study are making headlines around the world (which just goes to prove how powerful the lure of chocolate really is). In a recent news conference scientists announced that for the first-time ever research shows a link between exercise and managing food cravings. The study followed 25 self-professed “chocoholics” (defined as people who ate chocolate on a daily basis). Each chocoholic was told … Continue reading

Getting Fit: No More Excuses

With the holidays fast approaching many people find themselves sucked into the shopping vortex. To-do lists are growing and finding time to get everything done is challenging to say the least. The months of November and December are also the time of year when many people slack on their fitness routines because they simply can’t find the time to get in a workout. Personally, I feel the opposite should be true. This is the time of year when you should try even harder to maintain your exercise regimen. After all, most of us tend to eat more during the holiday … Continue reading

Who Benefits the Most from Exercise?

Attention couch potatoes: According to a new study, the people who stand to gain the most from exercise are those who go from doing nothing to doing something. Just when you thought that one-minute stroll from your car to the front door of the movie theater couldn’t possibly aid your health, researchers at the University of South Carolina release a study that says your walk actually is worth something. Scientists maintain that a one-minute walk is a great way to start an exercise routine. “Start” being the operative word. As long as that minute long stroll is the springboard for … Continue reading

Finding Time to Exercise

I know what you are thinking—-you can barely find time to take a shower and brush your teeth, so how can you possibly find time to fulfill the government’s recommendation of exercising five days a week? Fitness experts suggest exercising less, but with more intensity. Basically, if you can’t devote five days a week to exercise then train three days, but pick up the pace during those sessions. For example, if your fitness routine includes using a treadmill or stationary bike run or pedal at your normal pace, then pick up the pace for five minutes before easing off for … Continue reading

Exercise and Music

What kind of music do you listen to while you workout? A new study says the type of tunes that play on your iPod as you run (or participate in other cardio exercise) influences your physical endurance. The new research, which is set to appear in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, is part of a 20-year study highlighting motivational qualities of music in sport and exercise. The findings illustrate the benefits associated with exercising in time to music. In one part of the study 30 participants exercised on a treadmill while listening to songs by pop stars such … Continue reading

Exercise Challenges: Big City, Little Income

Trying to find an affordable gym membership in a large city like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago can be more challenging than running a marathon in less than three hours. However, you shouldn’t let your fixed income discourage you from exercising; rather with a little creativity you can get in a decent workout without going broke. Here’s how: Look for Seasonal Rates. Select gyms offer reduced rates during certain times of the year. For example, a number of larger gyms (such as Gold’s and 24 Hour Fitness) waive their start up fees for new members at the beginning of … Continue reading

How Effective are those Fancy Exercise Machines? Part 2

Continuing my series that looks into whether or not expensive exercise equipment advertised on TV is really worth going into debt over I’m turning my attention to the RealRyder. It looks like an indoor bike, but this is no ordinary stationary cycle. The RealRyder allows you to steer and move from side to side in your own home. Here’s what the company claims in its commercial: “After 20 years, the indoor cycling bike finally gets moving! … It tilts, turns, and banks like an outdoor bike — works out the core, upper body, legs, cardio, and improves balance the way … Continue reading

How Effective are those Fancy Exercise Machines?

If you are trying to get into shape then those incessant commercials hawking fancy (see: expensive) exercise equipment are bound to catch your eye, draw you in and have you contemplating paying five easy installments of $99.99. But wait! Before you get out your credit card consider the information in this blog, which provides details on one of the hottest exercise machines on the market. The Skorcher promises to deliver major results in half the time, but does it? SKORCHER The Skorcher is a fitness machine that is designed to specifically target the thighs and butt. The commercial claims that … Continue reading