Moving Your Job from the Office to the Home

There are some people who work outside the home and love their jobs. But they wouldn’t mind moving it from the office 30 minutes away to the comforts and convenience of their own home. In fact, they may believe that they would be more efficient this way. Is it possible that you could sell your boss on the idea? You just might be able to but before you decide to bring it up, consider some of the following things. First, how long have you been working for the company? If you have been working there for less than a year, … Continue reading

Have You Thought About Working From Home?

One of the biggest difficulties that parents of children who have special needs face has to do with employment. Parents who are called away from work too often, in order to tend to the needs of their child, can end up becoming unemployed. One solution to this problem might be to work from home. Raising children is expensive. All children are going to require the basics: food, clothing, and shelter. There will be money spent on things like toys, games, and movies to provide entertainment to the child. You can count on there being fees required by schools, and medical … Continue reading

The Pros to Working from Home

There are a lot of pros and cons to working from home. If you are thinking of starting a home business or are searching for a work-from-home job, you might want to consider the good and the bad. This blog will focus on the positive aspects of working from home. In my next blog I will talk about the negatives. Many people tend to think that working from home is the ideal situation. Yes it may be in many ways but like anything else in life, there are some downsides to it. Making the decision to work from home requires … Continue reading

The Car as a ‘Second Office’

We often talk about the joys of flexibility as home business owners—all the ways that we can take our laptops or work to the coffee shop, park, or other location and work while we are doing other things. Recently I have talked with a couple of home business owners who confessed that their “office away from home” is actually their car… If you are a busy parent who is trying to build a home business while raising your children, you may feel like you basically live out of your car. Perhaps that is where you find yourself eating meals (breakfast … Continue reading

New or Used Office Equipment?

We occasionally talk here in the Home Business blog about making purchases of office supplies and equipment. Depending on the type of business you are operating, equipment and supplies could be a major and constant concern or more of a periodic issue in your planning and budgeting. Even for those of us with relatively small businesses and minimal equipment needs, equipment may very well be one of our largest expenses. Deciding whether to buy brand new in a box, or consider something used or refurbished can be a major business decision. I know a few people who have bought used … Continue reading

Expenses to Consider when Working at Home

In my blog yesterday, I talked about the expenses to consider when working outside of the home. Many people are able to rattle off a list of expenses that people incur while working in an office, but some people don’t realize there are also (sometimes considerable) expenses when working at home. Here are a few I have come up with: Expenses when Working at Home: ~ Higher utility bills because you are home all day long. Many times, people will be able to turn their heat or AC down during the day while they’re gone. If you work at home, … Continue reading

Expenses to Consider when Working at the Office

People often try to compare and contrast the differences between working in an office, and working at home. I thought that today, we could talk strictly dollars and cents–expenses that you might incur while working in either location. Hopefully these blogs will help you make the decision of where it would be best for you to work. I know that there is a lot more to the decision of where to work than the financial aspect of it, but in many cases, as much as we would like to have it differently, it often does come down to that. It … Continue reading

Why Making The Switch To A Home-Based Business May Be Easier Than You Think

If you currently have a job and are considering leaving it to start a home-based business, you may be wondering how you will ever be able to afford to make the switch. After all, you are accustomed to your current level of income and have been for quite a while. While it is true that many home-based businesses take a while to get off the ground before they start making good money, you may not suffer as much as you think during the transition. There are a few things that you may not have thought of that will help you … Continue reading

Disney Internship Opportunities

At times it feels like the main focus here at the Disney blog is children – well, children and we adults who hold on to that little inner something that delights in fairy tale wonder. Given the nature of Disney’s target audience, it often feels that I have nothing to offer parents of teenagers and college-age kids. So today’s blog is for you. Do you have a child in college (or are you a college student) who loves Disney, or who considers a career in Disney a dream opportunity? Then you should think about applying for a Disney internship. Anyone … Continue reading

The Six Options for Child Care 2

Making a decision on the right child care for your family can be huge. Child care comes in many forms, whether you are working full time or just need occasional help. We’ve already discussed three of your child care options. Now, let us take a look at the remaining three. Which options fit well for your family and your life? Parent Co-Opt Care There are two different forms of parent co-opt care. With both forms, four or more parents who get along well share care of their children. This care can be rotated through each home. For example, five parents … Continue reading