Dealing with the Death of a Spouse

When two people are married, they create a very close bond with one another. They are comfortable with each other. They learn about one another. They become the best of friends. They become accustomed to companionship that they share. Let me stop there and rephrase my beginning sentence to “when two people are happily married”. Now I am ready to continue. Losing this special bond can be a very hard and devastating experience. I cannot imagine losing my husband to death. I have often heard it spoken of two people that have been married for years that one grieved him/herself … Continue reading

Couples Dealing with the Death of a Child

Fortunately I have been blessed to not have experienced the loss of a child. However, I know some couples that have. Whether it has been an illness, death at birth, or an accident, each couple experienced great sadness. The emotional stress that comes with the loss of a child can cause great hardships on the marriage of a couple. One never knows exactly how they will react in a situation like this. One also hopes that they never have to find out just how they would react. Yet, terrible things happen in our imperfect world here on earth. While in … Continue reading

Should Young Kids Watch Movies Where a Child Dies?

The other day Tyler wanted to rent Bridge to Terabithia and I admit I was reluctant to do so as first. I was concerned because one of the main characters, who happens to be a young girl, dies. I read the book years ago when I was in school and although I enjoyed it, I recalled the shock of her death. I also knew that although the book is read in many schools, it has also been on the list of banned books several times. We’ve had the talk about death but mainly in the context of adults dying. Several … Continue reading

A Unique Story to Share

The death of a close friend would have to be a terrible thing to experience. Likewise, the death of a spouse would also have to be a terrible experience. Therefore I am not writing to judge anyone. However I recently heard about an awkward or perhaps just interesting situation that I wanted to share with you. It seems that school age best friends grew up together, went off to college together, and even got a job at the same place. These two ladies were tight. They double dated and spent much time at one another’s homes. As time passed one … Continue reading