Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

I know I promised to review “Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg” about a month ago, but it’s taken me that long to get my hands on a copy. Now I have, so I can bring the first story of Tinker Bell’s solo adventures in Neverland to you. Actually, “Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg,” the first of the children’s books Disney commissioned to kick off its Tinker Bell/Pixie line even before the home-release movies, doesn’t star Tinker Bell. Our main protagonist is newly-born Never Fairy Prilla; Tinker Bell is the most important of the secondary … Continue reading

Marvel Introducing Line of Superhero Storybooks

When Disney bought Marvel nearly a year ago, many fans were torn as to whether this would herald a new era for the company or a disaster for one of the leading comic book institutions. One thing no one questioned, however, was why the Mouse House was interested in Marvel. Disney wanted a property for boys as prolific as its Princess and Pixie lines for girls, and Marvel provides that in spades. For the most part evidence of Marvel’s new ownership hasn’t been that obvious, at least to the more casual viewer. The most notable change was over the San … Continue reading

Considering Pixie Hollow

Of the few women in the Peter Pan story, I always liked Tinker Bell the best. Mrs. Darling had a one-dimensional role and Wendy came across as simple and boring (why would she want to be the mother, of all things, when she’s in the middle of a fairy tale world?). Tiger Lily had a lot of potential and I wouldn’t have minded if we’d followed her adventures on Never Land rather than Peter Pan’s; even as a child I thought she must have gotten up to more than Peter realized, but he, selfishly of course, only thought of her … Continue reading

Pixar Loses “Alma”

Disney’s dropped the ball. This year Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas put out a short called “Alma” that he created on his own time. Pixar or Disney did not make or distribute it. I admit that when I first skimmed the story and watched the short, I assumed that “Alma” was a Pixar production. The first thing out of my lips when finishing “Alma” was “wow.” It was fantastic, but not like what I’d expect from Pixar, especially for the frothy, if brilliant, clips they put in front of their feature lengths. It boasts a sinister ending, though not one so … Continue reading

Disney a Most Trusted Company

Last week I mentioned that Forbes Magazine named the Walt Disney Corporation as the world’s third most trusted company. I promised I’d elucidate the idea further. The parameters of the study, which was actually carried out by the Reputation Institute (a company which “helps corporate clients manage their images”), declared these companies the ones that “consumers like, trust, and respect the most.” Disney, following Google and Sony, earned a global reputation score of 77.97. Unfortunately the study doesn’t specify what that’s out of; I’m assuming out of 100 but list topper Google only ranked a 78.62 so it might be … Continue reading

The New Tinker Bell

I caught a bit of one of Disney’s recent “Tinker Bell” movies on the Disney Channel last week. I’m not even sure which one it was, but I liked what I saw. I just got distracted from the program during the commercials, and forgot to check out the rest. I know I would have loved the movie when I was younger; just about any fantasy story appealed to me, and the few minutes of the Tinker Bell movie I saw contained an entertaining blend of fantasy, humor, action/adventure, and a good balance of time between its male and female leads. … Continue reading

Tinker Bell the Movie – Finally!

My daughter is going to be in seventh heaven this Fall when Tinker Bell the movie finally makes it’s debut. You can pre-order it at Amazon right now and trust me, I already have. What’s unique about Tinker Bell? If you’ve read any of the novels that began with Gail Carson Levine’s wonderful Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg and has continued through several Fairies of Pixie Hollow novels including The Trouble with Tink, Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon and so many more, then you know that the world of Tinker Bell is expanded beyond that of Peter … Continue reading

Tinker Bell – There’s Something About Her

For a century and then some, Tinker Bell has charmed generations of children – myself included. My daughter is a huge Tinker Bell fan and has wall stickers dancing around her room depicting Tinker Bell in various cute poses wearing a hip length, lime green dress and slippers. From her first appearance in J.M. Barrie’s play and novel Peter Pan, she’s given us a reason to believe. In the novel, she is described as a very common pixie who mends pots and pans. Her behavior ranges from charming and enchanting to spoiled and irritable. She is described as someone too … Continue reading

Tinkerbell Gets a Voice for New Film

The silent, mischievous pixie of Disney’s Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, will get a voice in a new 2007 film based around the character. Film star and King of the Hill voice actress, Brittany Murphy will voice the fairy in the film, Disney announced at the Licensing International Expo in New York recently. The film will be a straight-to-video film that will bring Tinkerbell to life through the medium of CG animation. Tinkerbell has, through heavy merchandising aimed at younger girls and tweens, experienced a huge burst of popularity lately. The new film will join a new merchandising line through Disney featuring … Continue reading