Overcoming Fitness Challenges during the Holidays

Life is busy.  There is a lot to be done to prepare for the holidays.  It might make sense to put exercise on the backburner.  After all, there is always the New Year, right?  Wrong. Let’s face it.  We can always come up with an excuse to not exercise and to indulge ourselves in unhealthy food choices.  The holidays are just a convenient time in which to do this. It can be hard to stay motivated during this time of year.  But there are ways to overcome the challenges. First, you just might have to accept the fact that exercise … Continue reading

Moms Living with Chronic Back Pain

Is lower back pain keeping you sitting on the sideline of your own life? Like so many moms, I have been spending the last several years carting around infants, toddlers, and groceries, picking up stray toys and toting baskets of laundry. Now that my kids are older and I am spending more time working at my desk and driving them around in endless carpools, my lower back pain is flaring up again. Chronic back pain has plagued me in my adult life. I have gone through phases in my life where I have made more time for exercise and health. … Continue reading

When Depression Gets in the Way of Exercise

One of the biggest detriments to a fitness routine is depression. It can easily knock you off course and make it difficult to get back on track. Yet exercise can actually help with depression. Last week was an incredibly difficult one week for our family. We went through a situation that made fighting off depression very challenging. Needless to say I stopped exercising. I just had no energy to get up and move. Yet the reality is that when we are feeling this way, it is the best time to exercise. It can relieve some of those symptoms of depression. … Continue reading

January Check In: New Year’s Resolutions in Fitness

We are nearing the end of the month and it’s time to do a check in. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions in the area of fitness? Did you set new goals for the year 2012? What often happens is that in the excitement and prospect of a new beginning, we eagerly put a plan in place. But then it gets pushed aside, forgotten. I don’t plan on letting that happen. We are going to do an end-of-the-month check in throughout the remainder of this year. Hopefully it will inspire and motivate you to keep plugging along. … Continue reading

Couples Uniting … in Sickness?

Have you ever noticed how the longer husbands and wives are together, the more they start to look like each other? I have, and it seems to hold true with every couple. I don’t know if it’s so much their facial characteristics as maybe the clothes they wear, or hairstyles, or the fact that they pick up each other’s mannerisms and turns of phrase. Whatever the cause, it seems to happen to everyone. But have you ever stopped to think how sometimes, married couples get the same illnesses? Of course we share the cold and flu with our spouses, but … Continue reading

Juggling Time, Money, and Family

It’s said that there are people with a lot of time, but who don’t have a lot of money, and there are those who have a lot of money, but not a lot of time. Ain’t that the truth? On days when I feel more free to kick back and relax, I’m not as financially productive, and vice versa. There are a few ways to take a day off and still make money—if you’re the boss and have employees working for you, your company can still be productive if you step away from your desk. But for most of us, … Continue reading

Ideas for Summer Fitness

It’s time to start thinking about summer fitness. It’s the perfect time of year to try something new and to really enjoy the outdoors. One of the best ideas for summer fitness is swimming. While having fun, you get in a really great workout. Get in a few laps, play some games in the pool with your kids or join a water aerobics class. There is nothing better than a day of splashing in the sun. But don’t think of swimming or water sports as something relegated to a pool. What about some adventure kayaking or canoeing? If you are … Continue reading

Let’s Play! How to Bond with Your New Stepfamily

Not being much of a bowler myself, I was a little surprised when my then-boyfriend suggested that he take my daughter out for a few frames one Saturday afternoon. It was one of the first weekends I had invited him to visit when my daughter wasn’t with her Dad. (After many years of single parenthood, I continued to be very wary of involving her in my romantic liaisons when I wasn’t yet sure where they were headed). This weekend had been discussed between us at length; our relationship had become serious, and we were starting to talk about a future … Continue reading

Make Fitness a Family Affair

When I was growing up you did not hear too much about enjoying fitness with your children. I do not remember many parent/child classes. We just woke up on a lazy summer day wondering how we would spend it. The parents and kids basically did their own things. We did enjoy family times, such as going to the park and going out to the movies, but not too much regarding fitness specifically. Years passed and fitness became more popular. Classes started springing up all over the place. Now, there is a class for just about everything, even the hula-hoop! Taking … Continue reading

Maintaining Fitness Routine On Vacation

Last week my family took a trip to Washington D.C. One of the things that concerned me was having my fitness routine disrupted. I know that vacations can really set you back. One of the important things that you need to remember when taking a vacation is that the same rules apply. If you eat healthy at home you should eat healthy on vacation. If you exercise at home you should exercise on vacation. It may take some creativity to do this but for the most part, I believe it is possible. I would love to say that I followed … Continue reading