Home Sweet Home

This past Monday I came back to my home in Wisconsin after a trip to Texas. My family went to see my 18-year-old son’s graduation from basic training with the Air Force. The eight weeks he was gone seemed to stretch on forever. But in the days leading up to the trip, I had so much on my mind in the way of packing and planning, that it diverted my thoughts at least somewhat. One of the goals that I had for this trip was to come back home to a clean house. I didn’t want to leave it in … Continue reading

FHE with Small Children-Strengthening our Family

I love when simple family home evenings make the best ones. That is my goal by sharing this FHE with Small Children series as often as possible. This past Monday night, we had a family home evening where my kids really listened, the lesson was short, and everyone got to participate. We started out talking about our own family. I asked my kids the following questions: Who is in our family? Do you think we have a happy family? Do we want to make our family stronger? I then told them about The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Since … Continue reading

FHE with Small Children-Setting Goals

Have you ever thought about teaching your little ones about setting goals? I don’t think I ever really learned the value of goal setting until I became a missionary. I’m sure in my life up until that point, I had set goals and achieved them, but until my mission, I didn’t appreciate how setting goals can be life changing. We decided to have a family home evening with our little ones on how to set goals. It was a VERY simple lesson. We have been working with our oldest daughter, who is almost 6, on encouraging her to stop sucking … Continue reading

Goals For Marriage

Yesterday we looked at the idea of goal setting and marriage. but what about setting goals for your marriage. Some the goals you might want to consider are: Commit fully to your marriage and make it your goal to have a long, lasting marriage. Make your goal a loving, nurturing environment for family where they can grow and develop. Here are some practical ways you can do this. Make sure you set aside time each day to sit and talk with your spouse, even if it’s only 15 minutes. Make it a goal to never be so involved with work … Continue reading

Family Home Evening: A House of Order

This month’s family home evening lesson is focused on creating a positive home environment. This lesson can branch out in many different areas, and you should be able to adjust it to meet your own family’s needs. You can talk about keeping the home clean and participating in chores as well as having a positive attitude towards people in the family. Open the lesson with a song and a prayer. You can begin by sharing Doctrine and Covenants 88:119. Then ask your family what things this scripture says that we need to do to bring the spirit into your home. … Continue reading

How Did Your Family’s Goals Go?

How did your resolutions go for this year? The end of the first month is a great time to look at how far you have come, and areas that you may need to adjust. You may also want to adjust your goals slightly and change the stepping stones so that you can reach your goals. This is a great time to teach your children. Being open in your attempts, successes and failures teach your children the importance of continuing to work for your dreams. It can also demonstrate to them that we have the opportunity to start over and try … Continue reading

New Year’s Goals for the Family

The New Year is a great time to sit down and make goals as a family. You can do this as a family home evening lesson or in a family council meeting. It is an easy time to trade job assignments and to check in with your children. You may choose to allow their goals to be private as well. One excellent family goal is to spend more time together. You can make a goal that the family spend one Saturday a month together in some sort of activity. It is important to spend fun time with your children apart … Continue reading

Family Home Evening

Do you have a regular Family Home Evening? This could be anything from a time of religious study to getting together to watch Shark Week. A family home evening is a way to reconnect with the members of your family. With work, school obligations, sports, academic clubs, friends and more, it can sometimes feel as though you never see each other except when driving around from one activity to the next. A family home evening can mean different things and take on different forms. The important thing is to schedule a regular time to spend together. It should be a … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Way for Your Family

The church has given us basic guidelines on how to have a happier family. We are counseled to have family home evening, family prayer and scripture study. We are instructed to teach our children the gospel and to strive to have the gospel in our homes. At times we can fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other families or in deciding there is only one way to accomplish these goals. It is vital that we each realize that we have the right to do things our own way. We can come to learn and know the best way … Continue reading

Ideas for Homeschool Graduations

As another school year comes to a close, another group of homeschoolers and their parents draw the homeschooling experience to an end. It is time for homeschool graduation ceremonies. Many homeschoolers prefer to graduate in groups of 10-20 in joint ceremonies with other homeschoolers they have socialized with over the years. Students who participated in Co-ops and other homeschool programs together like to graduate together. Others like to go solo and graduate as an individual. Here are some homeschool graduation ideas for homeschoolers who want to “graduate” individually. Have an Un-Graduation Ceremony: If your homeschoolers were actually unschoolers, living and … Continue reading