Peaceful Family Life

Every so often I wonder at whether or not my home environment is everything I want it to be. Before I had children I really worked to have a peaceful home environment. I kept the house picked up, and managed to keep the noise level very low and peaceful. And I managed to do okay with one child, and it only got a little bit worse with two, but with three children, it is a struggle to create that environment in my home. And so I had to rethink what I meant by a peaceful home environment. Now I still … Continue reading

How Did Your Family’s Goals Go?

How did your resolutions go for this year? The end of the first month is a great time to look at how far you have come, and areas that you may need to adjust. You may also want to adjust your goals slightly and change the stepping stones so that you can reach your goals. This is a great time to teach your children. Being open in your attempts, successes and failures teach your children the importance of continuing to work for your dreams. It can also demonstrate to them that we have the opportunity to start over and try … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Way for Your Family

The church has given us basic guidelines on how to have a happier family. We are counseled to have family home evening, family prayer and scripture study. We are instructed to teach our children the gospel and to strive to have the gospel in our homes. At times we can fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other families or in deciding there is only one way to accomplish these goals. It is vital that we each realize that we have the right to do things our own way. We can come to learn and know the best way … Continue reading

Making Family Your Focus

I’ve been thinking about the talk Sister Beck gave about the importance of defending families. It is vital to strive to have the best home life possible. I remember before I had children I had it planned out perfectly in my mind—a spotless house, children who helped out and regular family prayer and scripture study. I imagined things working in perfect unison. I had energy to help my children to bake, and we made crafts and learned together on a daily basis. The gospel was the focus of the home and from that our family was happy and peaceful. It … Continue reading

Lead Your Family

As parents it is important that you lead your family. There are several different areas in which you should lead your family by example. As your children see your example, they will learn how to form good habits, and they will see how the gospel has blessed your life. If you are frustrated with a certain aspect of your family life, then you need to see what you can do to change the situation. You may be surprised to realize that the change needs to begin within yourself. 1) One important area in which you should lead your family is … Continue reading

Family Home Evening: Strengthing Your Testimony

In continuing with the idea of using General Conference talks for family home evening lessons, I’ve pulled some ideas from “Do It Now” and “Three Goals to Guide You.” This lesson will focus on the things that each individual and family needs to be doing to grow spiritually. Then it will focus on the importance of doing those things now, and removing the things that may be standing in your way. This lesson can also be used in conjunction with the Building Your Testimony lesson. You can open your lesson by reviewing the scripture Alma 32:28. This scripture focuses on … Continue reading

Strengthen the Family

There has been a focus on strengthening the family lately. In my life I have felt a stronger urge to focus on my children and on the environment in my home. This last General Conference session there were five talks that were specifically on strengthening the family, while many others mentioned the importance of it. It is important to continually work on strengthening your family. One of the most important things you can do is to help your children understand their purpose in this world. The best way to do this is teach them the plan of salvation. This includes … Continue reading

Organize Your Family

In “To the Aaronic Priesthood: Preparing for the Decade of Decision” Elder Robert D Hales mentions the need to organize yourself so that you can be in tune with the Holy Ghost. I think that this counsel can apply to each of us as individuals, as well as to our families as a whole. Organization leads to order and to peace. When I think of organization when it comes to family, the first thing that pops into my head is a scene from the original “Yours, Mine and Ours.” Frank, the dad, has set up a system as they move … Continue reading

LDS Family Week in Review: July 15-21

From seminary to tithing to LDS secrets, this week carried with it a number of blogs sure to help and entertain you. Gospel Doctrine: In What Christ’s Resurrection Means to Each of Us, we discussed the impact of the resurrection in our lives. In Witness of the Resurrected Lord, we discussed various people who saw the Lord following His resurrection. In Doubting Thomas, we considered the disciples who doubted news of Christ’s resurrection. In The Value of the Old Testament, we discuss the relevance of the first book of the bible. In Did Not Our Hearts Burn?, we discussed the … Continue reading

Making Prayer More Personal

Prayer is a wonderful gift that is given to each of us. It is a time that we can truly communicate with our Heavenly Father. When you pray it is often easy to make prayer just a one way communication—generally this is just you rushing through a prayer telling Him your wants and needs. It is vital to keep prayer a two-way communication. Here are four ways to help you make your praying more effective. 1) Set aside time each day to pray. If you are rushing through a prayer, you will not take time to pause and listen. You … Continue reading