Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

Boredom doesn’t have to be busted by spending a lot of money. Try one of the following fun summer ideas for kids that are creative and frugal. No more “Mommy, I’m bored” this summer. Pick Blueberries  …Or raspberries, or strawberries. Find a local pick-your-own farm nearby and enjoy the sunshine. Picking berries is a fun and frugal activity for kids, and you get to take the sweet fruit home with you. Make Baggie Ice Cream Forget the expensive ice cream maker. Instead, grab two inexpensive plastic bags for a cool homemade treat. You’ll need a set for each child. Ingredients: … Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market Part III

When I arrived home from my farmer’s market excursion, my son was crying and relieved to see me. I picked him up and he hugged me tightly. Then I asked him why he was so sad because I had never seen him get so upset when he stayed home with daddy. He told me that he was worried about me when I was at the “market,” as he calls it. Throughout the rest of the day he told me over and over again that he was worried about me when I was gone at the “market.” I vowed to take … Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market Part II

As it turns out my daughter was fairing better than reported while I was taking my weekly early morning “mommy break” at the farmer’s market with my sister. I am not against taking the kids with me to the farmer’s market but being able to go by myself serves two purposes. First, I finally get a much needed break from my adorable children. Second, I am able to talk with the farmer’s about how they produce their food to ensure that I am getting truly local and chemical free products (it is shocking at how many vendors are not selling … Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market Part I

This summer has brought wonderful opportunities to spend time outside enjoying some of the things make the Midwest a great place to live. Because of the early start of the growing season, our local farmer’s market boasted fresh homegrown produce early in the season as well. I have always been a huge fan of the farmer’s market. Being able to get high quality produce and other goods that are produced locally improves my outlook on life in general. Needless to say, I have been taking full advantage of our Saturday morning farmer’s market this summer. Unlike my typical errand running, … Continue reading

Farmers Market Season is Coming Soon

If you have ever thought about selling home grown fruits, vegetables, or herbs or home made items like jams, canned goods, and baked goods at your local farmer’s market, it is time to decide whether this will be the year. Although the air is still chilly and there is still plenty of snow on the ground, farmer’s market vendors and organizers are beginning to get things in order for the upcoming market season. The markets here in Vermont do not open until mid – May, but there is much to do between now and then. The first thing that you … Continue reading

The Funnel Cakes are Not Your Friends!

The Atkins diet is not an incredibly difficult diet to follow – until you walk out the door of your home. Suddenly, there are all these foods that are not appropriate for you to eat right now. Spending the day at a Fair can be an exercise in determination, and will test your ability to avoid the temptation to eat foods that you shouldn’t be eating right now. In the time since I started the Atkins diet, I have visited my local Farmers’ Market, and I spent a day at the Renaissance Faire. Each experience presented me with foods that … Continue reading

Having Fun at a Farmer’s Market

Now that the weather is warming up, farmers markets are springing up around the country. In warmer climates these massive markets are open year round, but here in the chilly Upper Midwest, outdoor farmers markets are seasonal (and the indoor ones are only held bi-weekly). Their fleeting appearance from May until October is one of the reasons they are so popular in my neck of the woods. Another reason produce-loving residents flock to farmers markets here is that they are just plain fun. When was the last time you took your children to a farmers market? My preschooler loves visiting … Continue reading

Family Fun Week in Review

Cool off inside and outside with great ideas in Family Fun. Jeff started off our week with a review of the game Sequence. It sounds like a great game for younger children and mixed ages, too. And it fosters decision making. Don’t miss Inside Fun for Hot Days and Five Cool Ways to Beat the Heat!. Lauri shared her summer way to grocery shop in Farmer’s Market Fun. In Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, Jeff shared great ideas for making walks fun for young children and their parents. Lauri’s family is anxiously awaiting the release of The Deathly Hollows. … Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Fun

My family is excited that the summer farmer’s markets have opened. Going to the farmer’s market is one of our favorite summer family activities. I like that my children get to see real farm families at work. Many times the kids are offered a sample of watermelon, peaches, local honey, or flavored popcorn. And my kids love samples. I like that we are eating corn that was picked in the wee hours of the same morning, and that we are supporting local farmers. The farmer’s markets are great places for trading recipes, too. I love talking and eavesdropping as people … Continue reading

Planning Summer Fun

School got out a week ago. Normally our first week off is a do as little as possible week. We are all so glad to be home and to have free time that we don’t need a lot to entertain us. This week though, we’ve been off visiting relatives. I’m not sure yet if we’ll jump into our summer when we return, or if we will need a few days of doing hardly anything at all. I really enjoy the lazy days of summer, but I also think we need some fun plans. If we don’t have things planned, or … Continue reading