Why Dont They Get To Know Our Kids?

I am having a real hard time deciding what the right thing to do when it comes to dealing with my in-laws. I have read books, searched the internet looking for help. We have tried everything at least I think we did. Today I am sitting here thinking about the relationship with my in-laws and our kids. Is life today so busy that no one has time to get to know our kids? Have times changed that much that everyone is so busy that they don’t have time for family? While I was growing up we were always doing things … Continue reading

Feeling Busy? This May Be The Reason Why

If you own and operate your own business out of your home, you are probably well aware that being an entrepreneur means that you wear many hats. What you may not be aware of is exactly what those hats are, and how often you wear each of them. It may seem easier to think of your home-based business as a single entity and that you just do “everything” that needs doing. It is actually useful to stop and think for a few minutes about all of the hats that you wear as an entrepreneur. Even just a few minutes is … Continue reading

Why We All Need a Sabbath

God commanded for us to rest on the Sabbath just like He had done after six days of creation. Jesus clarifies what the Sabbath is really about: “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27) It seems the Sabbath isn’t just a day of the week, but a time that God has given us of significance. In the Hebrew and Greek translations, Sabbath, it is said to be an intermission or rest from regular work. Throughout our week, we are likely busy doing this or that. Our bodies were not designed to keep going … Continue reading

How Many Times Do I Have To Ask You?

If you have ever had to ask your toddler more than once to do something, you are not alone. I’m pretty sure that there are not many parents out there whose toddlers immediately respond to their every request. It can be very frustrating to ask your toddler repeatedly to do (or not do) something, only to feel like your words fall on deaf ears. There are a few reasons why toddlers do not respond to our requests the first (or second, or third) time. Fortunately, there are also a few things that we can do to encourage our toddlers to … Continue reading

I Need My Sundays

You really don’t realize how important it is to attend church every Sunday until you have to miss one or two or even more than that. I recently had my third child, and despite my church responsibilities, I took a few weeks off from church before returning. The thing about missing church is that you don’t really realize the difference attending every week makes in your life until you go back. This is one reason why I feel that it really is easy to go inactive and stay that way. You don’t think church makes a difference in your life … Continue reading

How Do Home-Based Professionals Take Vacations?

With summer fast approaching, the topic of vacation is probably at the top of many home-based professionals’ minds. People that work outside of the home often accumulate paid vacation time, and making their vacation plans happen each summer is usually just a matter of letting their employers know when they plan to take time off. Home – based professionals enjoy a great deal of freedom and flexibility in their day-to-day lives, but when it comes to taking vacations there can be quite a bit of effort involved. Since home-based professionals are not paid for the time that they are on … Continue reading

Do You Have A Road Map For Your Business?

Whether your home-based business involves a lot of driving or not, it is important that you have a road map. I’m not talking about the kind of road map that you keep in the car – you know, the one with all of the streets and highways on it. I’m talking about a different type of “road map”, a set of goals and guiding principles for your home-based business. Where can a home-based professional get that kind of a road map for his or her home-based business? These maps are not available at a store or online. They are created … Continue reading

What Makes Your Business Unique?

When was the last time that you thought about what it is that makes the product or service that you offer through your home-based business unique? Perhaps you have thought about that recently, but maybe you have not. Taking time to reflect on how your offerings differ from those of your competitors can help you to better market your product or service. If you know what the distinguishing features of your products and services are, you can create a marketing message that emphasizes them. Potential customers are always looking for products and services that stand out from the pack, so … Continue reading

How To Get Your Home-Based Business Out Of A Rut Fast

One of the great things about owning your own business is that you can move the business forward at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. There are no other decision-makers to tell you when it’s time to update your marketing strategy or reassess your pricing. There is also no one telling you what your work hours should be and when it is time to consider changing your schedule. You are responsible for ensuring that your business continues to evolve and while this may seem like a heavy burden, it can also be a great joy. One of the many joys … Continue reading

The Guilty Mother Syndrome

Last week my 11-year-old son really surprised me with a statement that he made under his breath. I can’t even recall the setting of that conversation or what we had been talking about. All I know is that I heard him mutter something that really took me off guard. When I thought I heard what I heard, I asked him to repeat it but he wouldn’t. It took a couple of minutes to coax it out of him. Finally he sighed heavily and said, “I wish you had a different job.” The reason that statement really surprised me is because … Continue reading