How to Save on Soap

I like to examine different items on our grocery list to see if there are ways that we can reduce the cost of them. With enough things on the list costing less, the overall bill can really go down. One of the things that we seem to go through a lot of is soap. That makes sense. With three children who get into everything, cooking from scratch at home, and trying to keep the illness away during winter, it isn’t surprising that we use a lot of soap. So, with a little thinking, I’ve come up with some ways that … Continue reading

How to Save on Laundry: 10 Ways

Laundry is just a fact of life. It is one of those renewable chores that sometimes makes you feel as if you were given a test from the heavens above, since it never seems to be completed, no matter how you try. You can get all of your wash done for the day, only to be confronted by more as soon as someone comes home and changes their clothes. Since it is a task that has to be done over and over again, it makes sense to take a look at how you do your laundry in order to save … Continue reading

Getting Out Ketchup Stains

Good evening master stain fighters! Let’s talk about getting out those hard to handle ketchup stains. With summer comes a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers and fries, and as a result, ketchup stains! Okay, in my house, the ketchup stains usually come from my Thanksgiving Meatloaf, but I am sure you can relate anyway. By the way, have you seen that commercial that features the talking stain? In it, a man goes to a job interview and cannot be heard over the rattle of the stain that is on his shirt. I think it is the funniest commercial, while … Continue reading

Large Family Laundry Solutions (1)

If you have a large family (generally defined as at least six or seven members of the family living together), you know how chaotic and busy the laundry room can be. Washing and drying clothes for a lot of people can keep you busy, especially if you have young children who seem to need several changes of clothing a day. Here are some tips to make your laundry a little less hard to handle. And those of use with smaller families (we are a family of five) can also use these tips. Easy sorting One of the toughest things about … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review: November 5th Through November 11th

How has your week been? Have you tried a new strategy to save money this week. Just imagine, just saving $1 a day will give you $365 at the end of the year. Or how about saving $2 a day to save a total of $720 a year? It really isn’t that hard to do. If you missed any of this past week’s ideas (there were a record number of them), you can review them here. November 5th Save Money on Dishwashing Want to save some money when you do your dishes? Believe it or not, you can save plenty … Continue reading