Felt Monsters

So you’ve conquered teaching your kids a straight seam and a whip stitch. Maybe you’ve sewn a couple of beanbags. Now it’s time for something really fun. This is my kids’ all-time favorite sewing project, because not only do they get to sew a stuffed toy, they get to design, it, too. You will need: Two pieces of felt (size is determined by the size of monster you want to make, but two 8 1/2 x 11 inch pieces should be more than enough). Paper Marker Straight pins Needle and Thread Scissors Stuffing (synthetic fiberfill is best, but you can … Continue reading

Last Minute Costume Ideas For Toddlers

Did you just look at the calendar and have a minor meltdown because Halloween is a week away? Parents of toddlers are busy, and sometimes things like buying or making Halloween costumes fall by the wayside as we try to take care of the necessities each day before we run out of time and energy. Fortunately, there are a few quick and inexpensive costumes that you can whip up in no time so that your little monsters won’t miss any Halloween fun. If your child has a rain coat and rain boots, you are on your way to making a … Continue reading

Exciting Upcoming Disney Films

I’ve missed talking about Disney movies. A lot has gone on in the parks lately so I’ve focused on them, but it felt so good earlier this week to ditch all of that and speculate on “Maleficent.” After all, the movies are the true reason why we’re Disney fans, right? I’m waiting until this weekend to see “Brave,” so I can go with my two best friends, but there’s still plenty of other Disney movie news to talk about in the interim. June’s seen the release of two trailers for forthcoming Disney movies, so let’s get watching. The first is … Continue reading

“Toy Story 3” Both A Relief and A Letdown

In my very first blog for families.com I bemoaned Pixar’s current penchant for making sequels, a trend I blamed on Walt Disney Corp. CEO Bob Iger. I’ve expanded, or at least reiterated, my opinions on the matter since then. Some might say, however, that I should stop criticizing the making of all of Pixar’s recent sequels if I never bother to see them, something I just haven’t felt motivated to do. Nearly a year after it came out on in theaters, I finally decided to see “Toy Story 3.” Before I get into how I felt about the movie, however, … Continue reading

Read What They Are Reading

Many years ago, I worked with hospitalized emotionally disturbed children. One of the girls got a letter from her parents saying that were reading the same book that she was. Their letters to each other grew longer as they had more to talk about. The girl felt more important in her parents’ lives because they were taking the time to read something she liked. I made up my mind that if I ever had children I’d read what they read. For the most part I have. And it has been worth every minute of my time. When my then middle-schooler … Continue reading

Plush-O-Rama by Linda Kopp

Well I must be immature because I find Plush-o-rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults hysterical and completely charming. The book includes projects for monsters, creatures with tentacles and third eyes, star shapes, cushions with teeth, octopus, gremlins, a cross between a pig and a duck, a “catzilla” and a bipolar cloud. Apparently monster plushes are a growing trend. You can find then in art shops and even in museums. I love the creative aspects of these projects. They are truly one of a kind creatures. Each project has an example creature with their own name and background stories and personality. … Continue reading

Disney-MGM Studios to be Renamed in 2008

Disney has always been so good at naming things that it is hard to believe they might actually try to rename something. Their titles for movies, music and attractions are always so well picked that they become household names that few people ever forget. As of January 2008, you will no longer be able to visit Disney-MGM Studios. Don’t be disappointed! Disney is injecting a bit of new into the old classic. What you can visit is the newly renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Apparently there is so much fun stuff going on in today’s Hollywood that Disney felt the need … Continue reading