What Are Disney Alliances?

Note the outside corporate sponsorship listed on the sign Browsing through my Facebook one day I saw an advertisement on the side, for the official Disney Alliance Facebook page. I’ll let the Facebook page speak for itself, pulling its description from under the “About” heading: “Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Disney Corporate Alliances! Learn about the latest news, promotions, and experiences our Alliance Partners help create across Disney Parks and The Walt Disney Company.” Basically, Disney Alliances, and all of its related websites (though so far that just seems to be Facebook and Twitter), are just there to … Continue reading

Adventures by Disney Cruise Enhancements

Once again the Disney Cruise line has teamed up with Adventures by Disney to help you make even more out of your Disney vacation. Before, the two created European Port Adventures, where guests on European cruises could follow Adventures by Disney guides on land to see and learn even more of the countries they’re visiting. This time they’re doing something similar, with Alaska. The name is a bit wordier this time, called “Enhance Your Alaskan Cruise with Adventures by Disney.” For anyone familiar with Adventures by Disney, particularly its trips to rural locales, a lot of the activities are going … Continue reading

Disney Christmas Day Parade Filming Dates

Big news first: I know the filming dates for the 2012 Disney-ABC Christmas Day Parade. This is an elusive event where the tickets go on sale and sell out almost immediately. This year I have an inside line on the taping; the daughter of a friend of mine is going to dance in the parade. They’re taping the last week of November/the first weekend in December. The big day should be Saturday, December 1. I couldn’t verify this information online, because Disney hasn’t posted anything official about it yet. They probably won’t until November. But I can guarantee that the … Continue reading

Holiday Disney World Deals

Looking to take a holiday Disney World vacation? If you try to take your trip right over Christmas you’re not going to get any special offers from the park, but vacation just after Thanksgiving through mid-December, or in early January, and Disney World has a host of deals of which you can take advantage. If you book by October 31, you can receive up to a 30% discount at select Disney resorts for trips taken between November 1 and November 16, or November 24 through December 22. Remember that Disney World holiday celebrations often last weeks. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas … Continue reading

Disney as Christmas Americana

What is it about Disney and Christmas? The two just seem to go together. I was at the post office last week, and while waiting in line I noticed that I could purchase two holiday-designed wrapping paper sets. One of them featured Disney characters. I can’t think of any other brand for which it wouldn’t seem weird to see its characters plastered all over Christmas-themed items. Yet the more I think about it, the more instances I recall of Disney and Christmas intersecting. For years we had Disney ornaments on our tree; some of them were actually thematically-appropriate, with Goofy … Continue reading

Winter & Spring Disney Deals

I know we’re all thinking about Christmas right now, but if you’d like to take a trip to a Disney Park in the near future, now’s actually time to focus your thoughts instead on the first few months of next year. The Disney Parks rarely hold deals for the busy holiday season, but they’ve already begun posting savings on their websites for the winter months of 2012. Disney World loves its free dining plans. If you book a vacation to the Florida park in the next week (by December 17), you can earn a free dining plan applicable between January … Continue reading

A Disney Christmas

It seems like this year Disney’s not rolling out anything special for Christmas. Decorations and celebrations at the parks started at least as soon as Thanksgiving passed, if not earlier, and the Christmas Day Parade filmed at the beginning of December. Holiday-themed posts are rare on the official Disney Parks blog. With Christmas starting so early around Disney, by the time the actual dates for the holidays roll around there isn’t much to report. Even Disney’s televised Christmas special retreads last year’s material. However, that might not be such a bad thing. I loved the premise of “Prep & Landing” … Continue reading

Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney: The Richard Petty Driving Experience

Disney World (or any of the Disney parks) is pretty much the ultimate family vacation spot. I can’t wait to make my eventual jaunt to Disney World, but I am putting it on hold until I have kids old enough to go, because it seems like the ideal trip for a family. That being said, there’s plenty for adults to do at Disney World. There’s all the fancy dining restaurants (like Victoria & Albert), the full-service spas, and of course, enjoying the regular park experience just like everyone else. So today I’m starting another recurring column, one that I’ll bring … Continue reading

Disney Internship Opportunities

At times it feels like the main focus here at the Disney blog is children – well, children and we adults who hold on to that little inner something that delights in fairy tale wonder. Given the nature of Disney’s target audience, it often feels that I have nothing to offer parents of teenagers and college-age kids. So today’s blog is for you. Do you have a child in college (or are you a college student) who loves Disney, or who considers a career in Disney a dream opportunity? Then you should think about applying for a Disney internship. Anyone … Continue reading

The Disneyfication of the Olympics

Thousands of people around the world cram into their local roads, to contribute to the joyous roar of the crowd as a runner pounds past, bearing a flickering flame above their heads. Athletes become celebrities, grinning at the world first from a podium amidst a colorful snowstorm of confetti, then from orange cereal boxes under the fluorescent glow of the grocery store. Today the Olympics are synonymous with fanfare. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty tonight at the opening ceremony in Vancouver. What few people know is that before the 1960 Winter Olympics, and Walt Disney’s involvement in them, the … Continue reading