The True Value of College

When evaluating the decision to enroll in a college institution, whether it is for you or your child, the true value of the education must be considered. What is true value you may ask? It is basically an assessment of the long term value of the education vs. the actual cost of tuition. While certainly the college experience has value all on its own. It is also important to look at it purely from an economic view. Especially as the cost of tuition continues to rise, analyzing the actual value of a degree is an important financial process. Ultimately the … Continue reading

Wallowing in College Choices

The college admission packets have started arriving five or six at a time now. Every day I pull a nice colorful stack out of the mailbox and they are all addressed to me oldest daughter. Colleges I’ve never heard of from every town and state one can imagine. I’ve suggested we put up a map with pins and mark all the various places from where these glossy, snazzy marketing packets are coming from. What I don’t know is how all these schools are getting her name and mailing information—she explained it has something to do with testing and some online … Continue reading

High School Students Taking College Classes

A growing trend for high school students is to take college-level courses at their local junior college during their junior and senior years of high school. This provides a great opportunity for students to get a jumpstart on their college-level general education requirements. Generally, students take mainly general education classes such as math, English, and science during their first two years of college. Getting these classes out of the way early can provide any student with a solid foundation. While I would not recommend doubling up on classes for those students who are already struggling to keep up with their … Continue reading

Student Loan Consolidation

You may want to consider student loan consolidation. This option can be a good one if you have a large amount of student loans. Since student loan rates vary you may consider doing this is to lock in the lower interest rates that are available. It is important to consider your options carefully before you make a choice. When you consolidate your loans you are locking in your interest rate. This is good if the interest rates continue to rise, but if the interest rates drop you have locked in the higher rate, and you will not be able to … Continue reading

Is Student Loan Debt a Necessary Evil?

Is student loan debt a necessary evil? So many people graduate with at least some student loan debt now, that most people do not even think twice about it. Student loans can add up quickly and then seem to take forever for people to pay off. With the consolidation loans you can have your payments spread out over twenty years. This is a long time to be paying for school. Here are five things to consider before you take out student loans. 1) Before you take out a student loan you should apply for all grants and scholarships that you … Continue reading