Increase Your Spirituality Through Finding Balance

As I look for peace in my life I find that it is directly related to my current level of spirituality and my focus on putting God and family first in my life. When I do this I am more at peace. I feel that I can accomplish more and everything else just falls into place. I write about this topic a lot, because I also find that it is too easy to allow myself to fall out of balance. It is easy to stop trusting the Lord and to worry obsessively about things that I have no control over. … Continue reading

Find Peace Through Temple Attendance

If you are struggling with a decision or you are just feeling like your life is out of balance, you may want to consider going to the temple. The temple is a place where you can go to seek comfort, personal revelation, and it allows you to serve others. Temple attendance can give you the strength to deal with the difficult times of you life. It is important to make temple trips a priority. You should go to the temple as often as possible. If you are about an hour away from the temple you may want to try for … Continue reading

Take Time to Attend the Temple

Visiting the temple on a regular basis can bring you great spiritual blessings. In recent years temples have been built all over the world, making it much easier to attend the temple. Whether you live three hours from a temple or thirty minutes from a temple, it is important to strive to attend the temple more often. Look at the things that are standing in the way of attending the temple and decide what you can do to remove those obstacles. For example if you cannot find a babysitter, then you may opt to attend by yourself and have your … Continue reading

Strengthen Your Marriage with Temple Attendance

One great way to strengthen your marriage is regular temple attendance together. There are times in everyone’s life that it becomes difficult to find the time to attend the temple, but by making it a priority, and scheduling in advance, you will be able to strengthen your marriage and your family. Here are five tips for having regular temple attendance as a couple. 1) You may want to decide on a set date each month. You may find that the first Wednesday of the month works for you, or maybe it is easier over the weekend. Once you find a … Continue reading