Women’s History at Disney

In recent years more credit and accolades have gone to those behind the birth of animation, through the many acknowledgments (including a 2005 documentary) to Disney’s famous “Nine Old Men,” the main animators responsible for Disney’s golden age. But these Nine Old Men were backed by more than their mostly-male animation department. For the glory years of Disney’s early animation, from the first cartoon shorts to the feature films leading up to World War II, the department in charge of all the inking and painting of the drawings was staffed almost exclusively by women. In honor of Women’s History Month, … Continue reading

The Color of Comfort, Part I

Is it any wonder that some of our favorite colors tend to be those that are similar in color to our favorite foods? Comfort colors, much like comfort foods, make us feel good. They help make a house a home. There is no scientific value to the following assessment nor is it based on color theory. This is purely about feelings invoked by colors, in my perception. See if you have similar feelings, or feel free to share yours. Orange I was never big on the color orange, at least not the orange found in the box of 8 crayons. … Continue reading