Being a Team Player: It is A Boy Thing

You never imagined yourself standing where you are today, under the hoop. You wished that someone were videotaping this because if you were asked 10 years ago, this would have never been possible. In fact, it would have been hysterically comical. In a world filled with pretty clothes, jewelry, and make-up your world does an about face one day. The next thing you know you are standing there in jeans and a tee shirt with sweat dripping down your face trying to shoot a 3-pointer. The neighborhood boys stand alongside your son watching and cheering you on. You have now … Continue reading

When You Love Someone

When you love someone it doesn’t matter what you do. Just being together is enough. Saturday was one of those together days and evenings for Mick and me. While the washing was in the machine, immediately after breakfast we went to the local markets where we bought fresh fruit from the orchard and those vegetables, Mick hasn’t got ready in our own garden, we bought fresh from the market garden. We also found a Christmas gift at one of the stalls and then Mick bought me a silver bracelet for no reason except that I admired it. He’s a sweetie … Continue reading

A Little Spoiling Goes a Long Way

In Mary Ann’s blog she wrote about electing to buy sensible practical gifts for people in hard times and some of you shared your crafty projects. While I can see it makes economic sense to be practical, one of the things I love about my husband is that he doesn’t buy me things for the house and practical gifts. I would hate that! The thing is he knows home well He knows I like pretty things. They don’t have to be expensive. They do have to be pretty or fun. We try and make our gifts to each other – … Continue reading

To Replace an Engagement Ring or Not, That is the Question

Recently I wrote about how I broke my engagement ring. I dreaded telling Wayne what had happened, and if he hadn’t been home when I came home after making the discovery I might have held off on telling him. However, tears were streaming down my face as I brought the bags in from Target and Publix. I couldn’t contain them. It was pretty obvious something was wrong. I had no choice but to spill the beans then and there. Predictable Reaction As I knew he would be, he was pissed. “Can’t you ever take care of anything? Is it really … Continue reading

Broken Ring, Broken Heart

Could there be anything worse than losing a wedding ring? I’m not sure, but there’s something that’s equally as disturbing: Losing the diamond from your engagement ring. (The real answer is actually: “Plenty!” I found that out the hard way, though. The day after I lost my diamond was D-day.) The Discovery The night before the D-day oncologist appointment, while Wayne hung out with my mom, I took the opportunity to make a run to Target. After that I needed to stop at Publix. It was en route from Target to Publix that I went to scratch an itch on … Continue reading

Frugal Living Month in Review: June 2008

What a happy month is June, filled with the renewal of spring and the promise of summer. In the last month, we have shared so many ideas for frugal living and saving money. This past month has seen some pretty big increases in food, gas and other items (look for an upcoming post about strawberries increasing more than 100 percent). Now more than ever, it is important to save money where we can. This is why I decided to do a month in review. June 2nd Frugal Living Review: May 26th Through June 1st Garage sale shopping has got to … Continue reading