Another Busted Dewclaw!

Yep… not long after Lally’s last broken dewclaw, she snagged and broke the dewclaw on her OTHER front leg! This poor dog. Once again, my parents had to hold her while I tried to snip off the dangling bits with my trusty nail clippers. Once again, she got upset and widdled on the floor. My poor little girl. What use are dewclaws, really? They’re more or less an evolutionary leftover. A lot of breeders will actually take care of dewclaw removal (at least on the hind legs) when puppies are just a few days old. When I got Lally from … Continue reading

Oops! I Did It Again!

(With apologies to Brittany Spears for tweaking her title!) Today was spontaneously declared Toenail Trimming Day. I’ve only done the dogs’ toenails once since we moved back in the beginning of January… so those little piggies were long overdue for some snipping. You’re lucky my camera batteries died, or you’d have pictures of the horribly long clippings. My dear, sweet Moose is almost always the easier dog to do, so I did him first. He was sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch, so I stretched out next to him and grabbed a foot. Moose played along … Continue reading

Weekly Pet Health Checklist

We spend a lot of time with our pets — after all, we share the same living space! But frequent contact can make it easy to miss subtle changes in health or behavior. This weekly health checklist can help you keep on top of your pet’s well being. A weekly health check is also a good way to get your pet used to being handled regularly! Is your pet acting “normal” — are they active and in general good spirits? Is your pet sleeping as much as he usually does? Does your pet move without stiffness, pain, or limping? Is … Continue reading

Diary of a Cat Care B&B: Kitty Pedicures

One of the services we offer at the cats only boarding facility is a toenail trim. Since I had never done one before (I’ve only done dog pedicures so far), my coworkers showed me how it’s done. It seems to work very easily with two people — one person holds and distracts the cat and the other does the snipping. If you are the person who is holding the cat, you want to be sure that he’s not able to wiggle away; pulling a paw away at the wrong time could mean that the nail gets caught in the scissors. … Continue reading