Fitting A Harness

There are many different types of harness available, and different measurements you’ll need for each one. Harnesses used for towing (like the kind used on sled dogs or weight pulls) will require different measurements than a walking harness. If you won’t be bringing your pet to the store to get fitted in person, you may need to bring any or all of the following measurements with you. Neck circumference: measure your pet from just ahead of the withers/shoulders at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone. This measurement doubled is the neck circumference. Be sure to … Continue reading

Pets and Cold Weather

Cold weather is upon us… for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. On those bitter cold days, your pets may dart outside long enough for a quick potty break and run back inside. Other pets may love the colder weather and refuse to come inside! My parents’ dog Becca is the latter type of dog — she’ll happily sit on the middle of the pool cover once the water below has frozen. But she has a thick, double coat to protect her from the worst of the winter chill. Don’t force your pets outside when the weather is too … Continue reading

Introducing Animalle Mundo: A Doggie Love Hotel

Christmas might be a holiday for familial, not romantic, love, but with this notice you might have the time to start planning so your pet can have its romantic getaway.  That’s right, a romantic getaway for your pet.  If you’re trying to breed your dog and you want to do it in style, consider Animalle Mundo Pet.  It’s a hotel in Brazil, one that keeps in tradition with the country’s ritzy amorous motels.  The New York Times reports. You can find short-stay hotels all over the world, but Brazil is a leader in both having them, and in making them … Continue reading

A Raincoat for Lally?

My dog Lally hates the rain. When I open the front door and she catches a glimpse of that horrible wet stuff falling from the sky, her demeanor changes immediately. Pre-walk, she’s usually excited and alert. Once she sees or feels those first few drops, her ears go down, her head drops, and she seems to draw herself in — as if to be a smaller target for the rain. Nothing bothers Moose, mind you. Rain, snow, hail… he’s unfazed. But considering how the Pacific Northwest is known for being somewhat rainy, I started thinking that maybe Lally would like … Continue reading

Halloween Costumes for Cats

Last year I wrote about Halloween costumes for dogs, Halloween food goodies for pets, and Halloween toys for pets, which included a tub full of toys for cats, but I didn’t specifically cover Halloween products for cats. So this year I thought I’d shake it up and write about Halloween costumes for cats. Halloween costumes for cats? Really? Unless my two were sedated (heavily I might add) there’s no way they’d let me dress them up. Especially not in most of the costumes I’ve seen which all seem to include head gear as part of the getup. But if your … Continue reading

Dog Halloween Costumes: My Favorites This Year

Handsome Super Murph I love Halloween. I love dressing up, and I love seeing others dressed up. I’d love to dress Murph up, but he only let me do it one time. I never bought him another costume because (a) he truly wasn’t happy (refer to pic below) and I didn’t want to torture him again, and (b) he tore up the costume racing around like a crazy dog in the backyard. No sense wasting money on something he won’t like and will likely destroy. Unhappy Super Murph Darn. Because I always find the cutest costumes I’d just love to … Continue reading

End Of Summer Sale At JB Wholesale

As the four-legged kids get ready to head back to obedience school, this is a great time to stock up on all your favorite treats, toys, and supplies! JB Wholesale Pet Supplies is having a 15% off sale to keep the summer fun alive for a few more weeks. Between now and September 2nd, use the code ENDSUMMR07 at the checkout to get 15% off your total purchase. That doesn’t include shipping, alas, but it’s still a good deal! And if you don’t want to pay shipping (and you happen to live in New Jersey), you can visit one of … Continue reading

Project Puppy Love

With the cold weather upon us, you can warm your pups AND your heart with Project Puppy Love. I recently got the chance to pick coat designer Holly Glover’s brain about Project Puppy Love. Aimee: How did Project Puppy Love get started? What inspired you? Who got your first coats? Holly: PPL started after I made coats for my own dogs. My dogs are definitely members of the family and, like our cats, are spoiled. I decided they needed winter coats because their fur is so short that they get cold easily. Everything I saw in stores and online was … Continue reading

Cold Weather Paw Protection

As the weather turns colder, you may be thinking about protecting your pets’ paws when they’re out in the yard or on a walk. Snow and ice can be very painful to your pet’s paws. Salt and other ice melters can cause serious damage to bare paws. So what are your options for paw protection? You can buy boots for your pets to wear, try a cream or wax to protect paws, or just inspect and wash your pet’s feet carefully after each outdoor excursion. Perhaps the best-known cream is Musher’s Secret. This is a wax-based cream that can be … Continue reading