Using Scrapbook Supplies for Other Uses

Call me frugal, but I have a tenacious appetite for finding new uses for items I already have, so that I do not have to spend the money to purchase something new. Scrapbooking supplies are no different and can be used it a variety of unique ways that go far beyond the album on your shelf. Altered Items – Obviously, the most common use for scrapbooking supplies outside of actual scrapbooking is altered items. This means taking your papers and embellishments and turning something ugly into something beautiful. My favorite altered items to do are CD and DVD tins to … Continue reading

New Uses for Straws

With all the cleaning and purging we are doing as we prepare the house to go on the market, we are coming across dozens of items that we seem to have a lot of. The other day I opened a kitchen cabinet and way in the back behind bottles of seasoning and other things, was six – yes you saw that correctly – six unopened packages of straws. Four of them have more than 200 straws in them. Why in the world do we have so many straws? I seriously have no clue, but I do know what I will … Continue reading

Frugal Uses For Club Soda

Club soda has many great uses beyond a delicious drink. It is also inexpensive and easy to find. Finding creative uses for products I have in my home regularly, is important to me. It helps me keep my frugal lifestyle and save money purchasing several separate products that can do the same thing. Cleaning Club soda can be used to help keep porcelain sinks and fixtures clean. Pour it right over the mess and use a paper towel to wipe it up. It cleans quickly and effectively. Also cleans counters, and other surfaces easily. Club soda can remove rust stains … Continue reading

Frugal Uses for Shaving Cream

Shaving cream has so many uses, besides just leaving your legs silky and smooth. And it happens to be relatively inexpensive anyway. Do you have a stash of shaving cream that you need to find uses for? Well I’ve got some terrific frugal uses for shaving cream that are bound to surprise you, and leave your home smelling great at the same time. Kids Crafts Shaving cream can be used as finger paint for children. Just spray it right onto the table and let them have fun. Use it as is, or add a few drops of food coloring for … Continue reading

Are 10 for $10.00 Deals Really That Great?

This week in our grocery store advertisement, like many other weeks, we have several things advertised at 10 for $10.00. Are these deals really that good? I went straight to the source – the grocery store – to find out. I spent time interviewing the grocery store personnel, and cashiers, and I also asked a few customers to get their take on these advertised savings. And here is what I learned. In most cases, the deals are great. When you look at the regular retail prices for these products compared to what the sales price is, it’s quite the steal. … Continue reading

Five Great Uses for Coffee Cans

Coffee cans come in many different sizes, are enormous in their largest size and can hold a lot of different stuff. They can be used in many ways. It’s the traditional trash to treasure concept when you are staring at a coffee can. What can I make out of one? Here are some great ways to recycle and reuse your coffee cans: Bank Coffee cans make really cool banks. Just cut a slit in the lid and start saving. Once the can is full, you can roll the change and use it to treat yourself to something nice. And if … Continue reading

Coffee Filter Findings

Coffee filters are plentiful and extremely inexpensive. They can be purchased anywhere you can buy coffee. But did you know that you can use coffee filters for more than just filtering your coffee in your automatic coffee maker? Here are my favorite ways, and I’ve actually tried most of them. Window Cleaning They make wonderful wipes for after you’ve cleaned a window. They won’t leave a streak or any particles behind. Napkins/Paper Towels They make great napkins or paper towels for quick cleanups. Camera Duster Use one to gently dust your lens on your camera. They can also be used … Continue reading

Love That Coffee – What Else Can I Do With It?

I am a coffee addict! I cannot get enough coffee and am known to drink up to a pot a day or more sometimes. Especially while I am writing! I also really enjoy those gourmet coffee’s from the coffee shop, but I avoid them because of their high cost. A real budget breaker! Did you know there are dozens of other ways you can actually use your coffee? For centuries people have been using coffee, coffee grounds and coffee beans for many other uses. Here are some of my favorites! Baking Substitute the water called for in your favorite cookie … Continue reading

Creative Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

Not sure about anyone else, but in our house we go through toilet paper like it’s water. It’s absolutely crazy. I can walk into a bathroom at the end of the week to empty the trash can and there will be four empty toilet paper rolls in there! I won’t even ask what they are using it for, or better yet, how much they are using of it. That part seems to be obvious. Of course, we have five children who essentially share one bathroom, so there’s bound to be a lot used anyway. So what can you do with … Continue reading

Great Uses for Toothpaste

Sometimes we wind up with a lot of tubes of toothpaste. For our family, we kept getting free samples in the mail. And then we would purchase one, perhaps a new flavor, and nobody would really like it. So I began researching ways to use toothpaste for other things besides just brushing my teeth. Burns Toothpaste is awesome on a burn. It helps relieve the burning feeling, and it’s like an instant cool. Do not use on open blisters or bad burns. Polisher You can use toothpaste as a silver polisher. It also works to help get scratches off CD’s … Continue reading