Working on Your Finances with Your Spouse

One of the most difficult aspects in your marriage can be your finances. When it comes to joining two lives together, you also join together two different aspects of money management, two different feelings towards money, and two different lives of past experiences surrounding money. It is important to realize that so many aspects go into how you feel about money, and that your spouse has underlying experiences as well. If you find that you are not agreeing on certain aspects you may need to go to the root of the problem and discover why you each feel the way … Continue reading

Money is Power

Now certainly everyone has heard the saying, money is power. But what exactly does that mean for you? For many, the sensation of money is almost an addiction. Whether it is the thrill you get while shopping and spending or the excitement of that raise, it certainly creates a type of adrenaline rush. It is this rush that gives us the sense of power. Now, are we really more powerful when we have more money? In some circles maybe, but is that really what we all want? Do you want people to respect you and enjoy your company because you … Continue reading

Money Decisions and Marriage

How are financial decisions made in your family? In some relationships the money is divided into yours, mine and ours. The husband and wife each contribute part of their salary to the household pot, and then they keep the rest. While this may work for some people, it would cause a great deal of stress in my life. Is there one spouse in your relationship whose vote counts more when it comes to saving and spending money? Or are you an equal team when it comes to making serious financial decisions? Does it matter if your spouse makes more money … Continue reading

5 Ways to Help a Reluctant Spouse Begin to Budget

One difficult thing in any marriage is dealing with the finances. It can be especially difficult when one spouse wants to save or spend more than the other. It may be that one spouse (usually the one who pays the bills) comes to the realization that something needs to change, while the other spouse wants to continue spending money without cutting back. It is important to work on your finances as a team, but is there anything you can do to help get your spouse on board? Here are five suggestions. 1) Often times one spouse simply has no idea … Continue reading

Do Your Parents Influence Your Spending Habits?

Were your parents big spenders? Or were they savers? Did your parents ever talk about money to you? Do they talk about money to you now? What about your in-laws’ spending habits? Are they different from the ones you grew up with? Does your spouse have the same money traits as his parents? Do you? Often money is a taboo subject in a parent child relationship. Many parents are not comfortable discussing the finances with their children. This is truer in a family where there is tension surrounding the money issues. If spouses do not openly communicate with each other, … Continue reading

Five Steps to Help Couples Manage Money Together

One important key to money management in a relationship is to have both partners involved in the decisions and planning. It is essential that both partners be on the same page as far as long-term goals, savings, and spending are concerned. If you disagree on the goals, then the spending and saving habits will not coincide, and there will be disharmony in the relationship. One person in a relationship may handle the day to day finances, balance the checkbook and pay the bills. It is important that the other person be aware of the situation, and be informed of changes … Continue reading