Flying with a Disability

Getting on an airplane equals anxiety for a lot of us. Taking kids with us only adds to the stress. However, flying with a child who has a disability can be a huge challenge. Many children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy don’t have the trunk support to hold themselves upright. The CARES harness (Child Aviation Restraint System) was designed to alleviate this problem. However, it is only approved for children who weight 22-44 pounds. For children and adults over 44 pounds this has meant using other means of transportation. Sometimes, however, flying is the only option and just because … Continue reading

Special Needs Podcast Roundup – Week of December 26, 2011

The weekly Special Needs Podcast Roundup is a helpful resource for parents of children who have special needs. Each week, you can find relevant podcast episodes from your favorite podcasts as well as podcasts that are new to you. This week, there is information on autism and flying, charter schools and special needs students, and more. NPR has an episode of “Morning Edition” that was released on December 26, 2011. This episode is called “Philadelphia Practice Flight Helps Autistic Kids Fly”. The Philadelphia International Airport has a program that allows parents of children who have autism to practice flying. The … Continue reading

TSA Cares Helpline Can Answer Your Questions

Flying with young children can be stressful. It can be difficult for parents of kids who have disabilities, or certain medical conditions, to know what it will be like for their child to go through airport security. Before you fly, try calling the new TSA helpline. It might be able to answer your questions. By now, everyone has heard a few “horror stories” about parents who were hassled by the TSA, or the staff on an airplane, specifically because of their child. It is understandable that parents of kids who have special needs would feel some anxiety about traveling by … Continue reading

Abilitypath Website Wants To Disable Bullying

Few kids can make it all the way through the public school system, from kindergarten to high school graduation, without experiencing being bullied. It’s a problem that has found it’s way off school grounds, and into social media. Children who have a special need are especially vulnerable to being bullied, for a number of reasons. has information that parents and teachers can use to help disable bullying. Bullying should never be looked at as a “right of passage”, or as a “normal” part of attending school. It is a form of victimization where those who are stronger pick on … Continue reading

The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver

I’ve seen this book reviewed in scads of places and heard people talking about it, so I wanted to read it for myself and see if it measured up (in my estimation) to all the press it’s been getting. The book takes place in the 1960s. Nathan Price is a preacher who feels called to go to the Belgian Congo to teach Christianity to the natives. He takes along his wife, Orleanna, and their four daughters: Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May. They can only take the barest of necessities, but they hardly know what those necessities might be, having … Continue reading

AFLAC Review

If you haven’t bought Long Term Care insurance, you may want to consider it. Or if you are not ready for a Long Term Care policy maybe a Supplemental Disability policy is a better fit for you. Aflac offers insurance coverage for a variety of situations. Including supplemental disability coverage for both short and longer terms. Simply defined, longer term disability is a person unable to work for a long period of time (often up to five-years) while disabled. More companies are offering this peace of mind. The employer will usually offer it to you at half the cost. You … Continue reading