Have You Thought of Fasting?

Are you looking for an answer to a specific question? Do you want to find peace in your hectic life? Does your daily personal prayer and scripture study seem a bit sluggish? Have you considered fasting as a way to improve your spiritual clarity? Fasting really is a blessing, a chance that we have to bring our spiritual side into sharper focus. When we are looking for an answer to a problem, praying for someone else or looking for a way to increase our spirituality, fasting can help us do all of those things. Often people fail to realize that … Continue reading

Fasting with a Purpose

Fasting each month is a way that each member can improve his spirituality. One thing that helps to make fasting more effective is to have a purpose while fasting. This helps you to focus your prayers and your thoughts while fasting. It can also help you listen to the Spirit for guidance. Here are four ideas on topics that you may consider making the focus of your fast. 1) You can fast to receive guidance and/or help for a problem that you are facing. This could be with your job, finances, a relationship or concern for a child. Many of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Fasting

The last two days I have written about the negative side effects of doing a detoxification diet. In essence, your body is well designed to detox on its own, and forcing a detox of the colon, will force all of the good bacteria out of your body as well. Not to mention the fact that diarrhea can upset the balance of electrolytes, potassium, and other nutrients needed in your body. If you’re trying to clean up your act and you really want to healthily cleanse your system, the best way to do it is by drinking plenty of water and … Continue reading

Five Tips on Fasting

Fasting is a wonderful blessing that we can choose to partake of. When I was younger I hated fasting. I would count the hours until I could eat again. I was always focused on what I was giving up instead of what I was gaining. As an adult I have had some wonderful experiences. My approach to fasting changed drastically, as I grew older. Here are five tips to make the most of your fasting. 1) You should have a purpose for you fast. This makes your fast more meaningful. Fasting can help you to find insight because your body … Continue reading

Our Sixth Prenatal Visit

This may have been the longest three weeks that I have experienced in quite awhile. I have been a little anxious for this prenatal visit given my last prenatal visit and my excessive weight gain. I have been meticulous these last three weeks about my diet, writing everything done in my food journal. Hopefully the scale will speak for all of my hard work! We arrived for our sixth prenatal visit a few minutes early, I headed for the carriage house bathroom with determination because I really had to go! Once again my urine was spot on (all the colors … Continue reading

Why It’s Getting Harder to Stay Fit When Cooking at Home

Many people think that cooking meals at home versus eating out is a great way to save money and calories, but a new study shows that may not be the case. Restaurants have long been the target of attacks by nutritionists, who maintain that portion distortion, is creating a nation of unfit super-sized fatties. Well, now it appears the trend of serving up huge helpings is being employed by cookbooks as well. A new study published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine looked at how traditional recipes have changed during the past 70 years. Researchers found a nearly … Continue reading

Praying for Others

One of the simplest and kindest things that we can do for others is to pray for them. This is as simple as including them in our daily prayers or it can include a special prayer on behalf of someone who needs it. When you are unsure about the best way to help someone you can simply say a prayer for him or her. At times you may be prompted on a course of action that you can take, and you may not. The times that you do receive a prompting in regards to your prayer you should act on … Continue reading

Family Home Evening: A House of Order

This month’s family home evening lesson is focused on creating a positive home environment. This lesson can branch out in many different areas, and you should be able to adjust it to meet your own family’s needs. You can talk about keeping the home clean and participating in chores as well as having a positive attitude towards people in the family. Open the lesson with a song and a prayer. You can begin by sharing Doctrine and Covenants 88:119. Then ask your family what things this scripture says that we need to do to bring the spirit into your home. … Continue reading

Mormons and Divorce – Part Four: Nevertheless . . .

As I’ve posted the blogs in this series, I’ve presented the very real fact that Mormons get divorced. In 2000, a study was held that stated 6% of temple marriages end in divorce. I’ll wager the percentage is higher now, although lower than the national average which currently stands at around 50%. Mormons do get divorced. It is possible. It’s also something that can be done without receiving condemnation from the Church—the act of divorce, in and of itself, is not a sin which needs to be repented of. Instead, it’s the actions that lead to the divorce that constitute … Continue reading

Tips for Surviving Fast Sunday

Fast Sunday is coming up soon, the day that elicits more groans and complaints than any other day the rest of the month. Here are some tips that might help you make it through the day. 1. Choose a specific thing or person to fast for. If you focus on that person and their needs and what you hope will happen for them, or on the thing you need in your own life, you’re more likely to stay on task and be more committed to the fast you’ve undertaken. If you don’t have a specific purpose in your fast, you’re … Continue reading