Healthy Hunger Fixes

Do you feel like your eating is out of control? Maybe you let yourself get so hungry that you choose out of desperation and convenience. You’re not alone. Here are some healthy fixes for bad hunger habits. Skipping breakfast? Or worse — choosing unhealthy foods because they’re fast? You can grab a piece of fruit just as quickly and easily. Try defrosting a whole grain bagel while you get dressed and ready in the morning. Try sticking instant oatmeal into the microwave as soon as you wake up and eat it while you get going. Picking unhealthy snacks to fight … Continue reading

Quick Fixes for Stubborn Smells

We know that a box or a cup of baking soda in the fridge will help curb odors. It’s a simple way to keep the fridge and the foods inside it fresher. It also works in the freezer. If you freeze something with a strong scent, that scent may well overpower ice cream, ice cubes, or anything else in the freezer. Baking soda can help with that. However, baking soda also works in many other areas. The best things about baking soda are that it’s readily available, it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to use. Most of the time, all you … Continue reading

Trick Yourself into Saving

“Trick Yourself into Saving.” That was the title of a recent magazine article that appeared in one of those popular magazines that are geared toward women. The subhead promised to show readers how they could use mind games against themselves to make saving money painless and fun. Seriously? I’m all for tips about saving money, but I really think that trying to fool yourself into doing it isn’t the way to go. You want to establish good lifelong money habits, not quick tricky fixes that will save you money in spite of yourself. Badly played national magazine for women; badly … Continue reading

How Small Temptations Can Ruin Your Budget

Sometimes it’s not the big expenses that shatter your resolve to save money, it is the small temptations that will get you. It is those small temptations that I, personally, most have to guard against. For example, although my husband and I often like to stop at the Apple store and look at the iPads whenever a new one is released, we aren’t in danger of purchasing one any time soon. It just doesn’t make that much sense to spend that much money when our emergency fund isn’t, well, as fully funded as we would like and we still owe … Continue reading

Classroom Distractions

Forget about smartphones, cute football players and pretty cheerleaders, when it comes to classroom distractions, experts say parents should be more concerned with their kids’ empty stomachs. A recent study published in Childhood Obesity found that the snacks tweens and teens bring to school to satisfy their grumbling guts are failing to make the grade when it comes to nutrition. In fact, according to experts, the popularity of the following snack foods is the reason many students suffer from behavioral problems such as hyperactivity: Cheetos: No surprise here. One-ounce of the neon orange puffs contains 150 calories, 10 grams of … Continue reading

Extreme Way to Lose Weight: Tongue Patch Diet

I recently learned of an extreme way to lose weight, the tongue patch diet. It is a surgical procedure where a doctor uses prolene mesh; a material used to repair hernias and sutures it to the tongue. This makes eating solid foods very painful, limiting a person’s diet to liquids. The patch usually stays on for no more than a month and according to some doctors, it has had success. There are also claims that side effects have been minimal. There is so much to say about such an extreme and potentially dangerous way to “help” someone lose weight. First … Continue reading

Top 5 Excuses for Not Exercising and How to Overcome Them

Excuses, excuses…everybody has some. Whenever we face doing something we know we should but don’t really want to, we can come up with all kinds of excuses. And this has never been truer than in the area of fitness. So let’s take a look at the top 5 excuses for not exercising and how to overcome them. The first excuse is, “I don’t have enough time.” I mention this quite often in my blogs but I will say it again…we make time for what we want to make time for. Time is there. It is available. However it is up … Continue reading

Poor Itchy Puppy

Scratch my belly, please Unfortunately, Chihiro’s health saga has continued. At least nothing is so wrong with her that we need to take her to the vet or spend a lot of money, but it’s annoying that we have to keep treating her for various maladies. At least I can blog about her troubles to share tips with you should any of your dogs ever have similar problems. Chihiro’s always been an itchy dog. Early this year the vet confirmed that she has an inverted vulva, a disorder that’s apparently somewhat common with mixed breed dogs. That means she has … Continue reading

Grocery Shopping on a Diet

Resolving to eat more naturally and healthier has made grocery shopping a unique experience. I have a keen eye for items that are either unhealthy due to added chemicals or amount of sugar or fat. Blindly picking up an item that looks yummy or easy to make are no longer how I make food choices. While, I never ate terribly I was no stranger to processed foods or the occasional fatty or sugary snack. I find giving up certain foods is both freeing and confining. It feels free to avoid aisles of junk food or processed foods. I am free … Continue reading

Make Funny Bunnies for Easter

Forget about the return of chirping birds, spring flowers, warmer temperatures and veiled crucifixes, I just saw a telltale sign that Easter is on its way: a commercial for Max and Ruby’s Breakfast with the Bunnies Week on Nick Jr. Because, you know, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a week’s worth of funny bunny episodes. If you can’t countdown to Easter without bunnies, but you don’t have cable, or you are looking for something a little more productive for your kids to do over spring break, then consider making the following simple crafts. Your children will love seeing how … Continue reading