Between You and Me

Going through a divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved. When my ex husband and I split not even six months ago I was devastated and hurt by the things that he had said and done throughout our marriage. I was angry at the position he had put me and our son in. It was far from fair and there were times when I honestly hated him for it. Our son was 2 ½ at the time and while he didn’t understand the logistics of everything that was going on he did know that something was wrong. Dad was … Continue reading

Taking Pictures of Difficult Times

We don’t think much when taking pictures of our children for celebrations, vacations, or just because they are acting silly. Sometimes we take pictures of our children when they aren’t doing anything exciting but it’s a moment we want to capture because it’s still special to us. What about taking pictures of your child during those times you might find questionable. My youngest son is in the 5th grade. When he was in 3rd grade he had surgery on his collarbone. He was born with a non-union collarbone which basically means it didn’t connect all the way across. So they … Continue reading

How to Spend Less on Toys

Let us face it. Toys are expensive. And there always seems to be another new toy that you have to have. The new toys are then abandoned for newer toys, and your playroom fills up as your wallet drains. But you want your kids to have happy childhoods and to learn and develop. Toys can help with these desires. The trick then, is to be able to provide the fun and education without spending a fortune for toys. When your children start to outgrow their toys, see if you can use them in new ways. Honestly, your children may beat … Continue reading

How to Save Money on School Supplies

Every year at the end of one school term we get a little flyer sent home from school. The flyer offers a packaged deal for school supplies for one price, and the price depends on the grade. This year, the company that is offering this service wants almost $40 for my third grader’s school supplies. I admit that the offer was tempting. I could fill out a little form, send in some money and be done with supplies for the year. Then reality hit. By shopping on my own, I could save at least half of that fee, or up … Continue reading

Where to Find Inexpensive Clothes for Slightly Older Kids

Inexpensive gently used clothing is easy to find for the littlest set, but once a kid gets past the age of four or five, the hunt becomes a real challenge. Here are some places you can use to cloth your children with inexpensive clothing for slightly older kids. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, finding good quality second hand clothing gets more difficult as kids get older. There is simply not a good inventory available. You can still do pretty well, though, if you check out the following sources. The outlets Outlets can sometimes yield great finds in new clothing. … Continue reading

Finding Inexpensive Clothes for Slightly Older Kids

From the time we decided that I would leave my full time job and stay home with our first child, I have been practicing ways to save money. But now that our first child is nearly eight years old, there has been one area that has become more difficult: finding good quality clothing for him and cheap or free prices. One of the biggest reductions in costs for us was baby clothes. There is a wealth of great quality and great looking used clothes that could be had at thrift stores, yard sales and from generous friends. It was very … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Play-Doh Fun

Kids just love play-doh, much to the despair of many a mom who dreads the chance of the play-doh crumbs getting in the carpet or elsewhere around the house. This is why I think of spring and summer as play-doh season, since a small table out in the garage, driveway or backyard eliminates the mess. The other detriment to play-doh, is that it can be expensive after a while, especially when kids mix up all of the colors or let it dry out. The play-doh kits that you buy that feature all of the neat tools are more expenses. But … Continue reading

Does Your Preschooler Still Nap?

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the little kids taking naps, or should I say the lack of sound. The silence is so strange, after a morning filled with running and stomping feet, loud laughs and giggles, a few “he’s bothering me”s, and the thumpity-thumpity-thump of a basket of toys being turned over. Life with a preschooler is fun but they certainly keep you running, and when it comes to nap time, I think I need the break as much as my kids need the sleep. One question that always comes up in my moms group is … Continue reading

Scratch Painting with Preschoolers

Here is a great rainy day activity that you can do with your preschooler. Not only is it fun, but it can be educational, too. Preschoolers can be creative, practice letters and numbers and learn how to hold a pencil. Plus, you’ll have some great artwork to hang on the refrigerator or send to the grandparents. The idea of scratch painting is simple. You start with a blank surface that is usually black, although it doesn’t have to be. Your child takes an implement, such as a stylus or dull pencil (although anything with a bit of an edge or … Continue reading

Frugal Month in Review: September 2008

Now that September is come and gone and the kiddies are settled back into school and regular routines, it is time to welcome the fall. Still, there is plenty of good stuff that went on in September, including a bunch of ways to save money. September 1st Frugal Living Week in Review: August 25th Through August 31st Food and back to school are the two things on my mind this week. I e-mailed my son’s teacher ahead of time to ask about additional supplies that she might need for the classroom. She said that she usually asks parents for antibacterial … Continue reading