Four Seasons to Open at Disney World

I’ve always thought one couldn’t take a much more luxurious vacation than a Disney vacation, and if one stayed at a fancy hotel in the Disney parks, one could have everything one might possibly want. It’s probably because I’ve never stayed in anything close to a luxury hotel, but apparently none of the options are quite fancy enough. That’s the only reason I can think that Disney World’s letting an outside hotel chain into its premises, even if it is a Four Seasons. USA Today reports that the “ultraluxury” hotel chain has reached a deal with Disney World to build … Continue reading

Pleasure Island Converting to Hyperion Wharf

Many of Pleasure Island’s restaurants will likely remain Change abounds at Disney World. In addition to all the other construction happening around the park, plans are underway for Downtown Disney. Soon Pleasure Island will be replaced with Hyperion Wharf. Those who love Pleasure Island shouldn’t fret: the language used by the announcement post on the official Disney Parks blog says that Pleasure Island will “evolve.” That could just be fancy PR talk to soothe any upset over the change, or it could mean that elements of Pleasure Island will remain. The Disney Parks blog doesn’t have much information about the … Continue reading

Potential Expansion for Disneyland Paris

After remaining quiet for half a decade or so, construction vehicles on Disney parks are really revving up again. We have the major Fantasyland expansion currently underway in Disney World, a new Disney park planned for Shanghai, and now, a potential new theme park for Disneyland Paris. The U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper reports that Euro Disney – the European corporate branch of the conglomerate – has reached a deal with the French government allowing it another 20 years during which to build on the lands surrounding the park. The government owns all of the land around Disneyland Paris and previously only … Continue reading

Why Disney World?

I have talked for years about my eventual Disney park trip. I never got to go as a child, so it’s something I assume I definitely want to do in my adulthood. I figure that I’m an avid Disney fan, so of course I will want to go to a Disney park. When I mention this to my husband, his first question is “yeah, but what would you do there?” As an adult I might want very different things out of a Disney park trip, and my youthful enthusiasm is also tempered by a rational need for practicality and frugality. … Continue reading