Free Vacations for Teachers

  It’s said that teaching is among the most underpaid and underappreciated careers in the world.  The men and women who help shape our children’s futures are often overworked, and in a time when the economy is incredibly dismal, the idea of an educator spending precious cash on a luxury vacation is almost laughable. Well, if you are a creative leader in the classroom, who has always dreamed of traveling to the ends of the earth, get ready to smile. Thanks to Hilton HHonors, you can jet-off on a vacation to remember for FREE.  This year, the company is giving … Continue reading

How Do Home-Based Professionals Take Vacations?

With summer fast approaching, the topic of vacation is probably at the top of many home-based professionals’ minds. People that work outside of the home often accumulate paid vacation time, and making their vacation plans happen each summer is usually just a matter of letting their employers know when they plan to take time off. Home – based professionals enjoy a great deal of freedom and flexibility in their day-to-day lives, but when it comes to taking vacations there can be quite a bit of effort involved. Since home-based professionals are not paid for the time that they are on … Continue reading

Reasons To Take Vacations

Have you planned a vacation for yourself for this year? Sometimes, home-based professionals go years without taking a vacation because they feel that they can not afford to take the time or spend the money to do so. As much as you may think that you are getting ahead by opting out of taking one or more vacations each year, you may not be doing yourself any favors. There are a few reasons that vacations are actually important to the success of all professionals, including those of us that work from home. What’s more, you do not need to spend … Continue reading

Dirt Cheap Vacations

With gas prices skyrocketing on a daily basis and airfare hovering near record highs, it would seem that finding a dirt cheap vacation would be next to impossible. Fortunately, that’s not the case if you are willing to get a little dirty to score dirt cheap prices. Working vacations are on the rise, according to travel experts. However, before you get too excited about the super low prices (think: next to nothing) associated with these unique vacation packages, consider that you will not be lounging by a pool for hours on end if you decide to opt for the inexpensive … Continue reading

Are You Thinking About Becoming A Freelancer?

If you are looking to start a home-based business and you have a skill like web design, graphic design, event planning, or writing, then you have the option of providing your services as a freelancer. A freelancer is a skilled professional who is self-employed, and is not committed to working for one particular company or organization. Before deciding whether a career as a freelancer is for you, there are a few benefits and drawbacks of the freelance life that you may wish to consider. The best way that I can describe the benefits of being a freelancer is to simply … Continue reading

Free and Fee Vacations

Attention all you penny-pinching travelers: Uncle Sam wants you to take a vacation on him. During the weekend of August 14-15, more than 100 national parks will be waiving entrance fees so that visitors can enjoy the beauty and splendor of these natural treasures without breaking the bank. In addition, many national park concessionaires will be offering money-saving specials during the weekend, including discounts and coupons for rooms, tours and products. You and your family can take advantage of the free weekend at the following national parks: *Grand Canyon in Arizona *Yosemite in California *Rocky Mountain in Colorado *Volcanoes National … Continue reading

The Downside of Ski Vacations

Two words: Luggage fees. My brother just took off for a 10-day ski vacation with his wife and son, but yesterday I got a call from him saying it may be the last one they take—-EVER! Apparently, the amount of money they spent on airline luggage fees was almost as much as a roundtrip ticket. Admittedly, my brother is not the world’s savviest packer, but considering that they planned to rent most of their ski equipment, it was quite a shock that they spent in excess of $150 on luggage fees. I won’t bore you with the breakdown of their … Continue reading

Vacations and Productivity

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the States and that means that a good percentage of the population has the day off of work. Specifically, most students and teachers are left to their own devices for today and probably (at least) the day before and after for travel. While family, food, and giving thanks are all extremely important students should not simply spend the time being lazy. I’ve got one simple tip that can help students spend their free time a little bit more intelligently than they might spend it otherwise. One of the simple facts about the temporal location of … Continue reading

Free Stuff at the Swap Shop

Do you want yet another way to get free clothing, free toys and free household items? Look around your area for the latest trend, the swap shop, or start your own. What is a swap shop? A swap shop is a place where people in a community can go to drop off items that are in good useable condition and pick up other things that they find there for free. No money changes hands, and the items can be put to good use over and over again. A swap shop may be as simple as an open trailer or as … Continue reading

Become a Home Consumer Tester and Get Free Products

One way to stretch your budget on the household items that you use is to become a consumer tester. You’ll get free products and usually a small payment besides. When my oldest child was our only baby, I did some consumer testing for a couple of companies. Basically, I would receive unmarked products in the mail, test them out and then fill out a survey with my observations and comments. After the survey was submitted, I would receive a small check in the mail for my time. Plus I got to keep the products that I tested and put them … Continue reading