How to Set Up a Baby Station

One of the things that I did for my first few weeks as a mom was to set up a little baby station on the pack and play that I kept by the couch where I was resting. The first few days at home can be hard because you are very sore, regardless of whether you had a vaginal birth or a cesarean. Keeping everything in one location can make a world of difference when its hard to move from one room to the next. The pack and play had a changing table, which I kept stocked with diapers and … Continue reading

Planning Your Babymoon

You may have heard the term “babymoon” and wonder what it means. Simply put, a babymoon is the period of time just after your new baby is born. When you first got married, the honeymoon was that period of time just after your wedding. The couple spends time alone together, bonding as a married couple. A babymoon is similar, only it’s your new baby you will be bonding and enjoying alone time with. This is the first two weeks or so at home with your new baby. It’s a beautiful time for the parents and baby to get to know … Continue reading

Getting Organized for Baby

Pregnancy is the perfect time to organize your house, especially if this is your first baby. Once the baby is born, you won’t have the time or the energy to clean out the closet in the foyer. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had delusions of life after baby. I imagined my little princess sleeping peacefully while I organized the closets and created beautiful scrapbooks in her honor. Well, reality turned out to be nothing like I had imagined. It turned out that her naps were short and sweet. She preferred to nap in the comfort of … Continue reading

Caring for Pets in Cold Weather

In June I posted about the dangers of heatstroke for animals. Now that we’ve entered the opposite extreme of seasonal weather, I’d like to take a look at ways to keep our pets safe when it’s cold outside. The ASPCA has a list of several things to remember when looking after pets in the winter. Just as leaving a dog in the car is dangerous in the heat the same is true in the cold. Especially when it isn’t sunny outside, cars trap the cold and can drop to dangerous freezing temperatures. If you must leave your pet in the … Continue reading

Surviving Your Last Weeks of Pregnancy: The Emotional Train Wreck

In addition to the physical discomforts, the last few weeks of pregnancy can induce episodes of anxiety, distress, sadness, and frustration. You may be anxious about waiting for labor to begin, delivery itself, or becoming a parent for the first time. Aches and pains affect your ability to deal with the emotional ups and downs. The body goes through another wave of hormone changes in preparation for labor and delivery, which can make mood swings worse. Going through false labor can have you ready to pull your hair out! Sometimes normal fears are inflated by outside influences, such as when … Continue reading

Single Parents: How To Conquer Mealtime Madness

Rush, rush, rush through the day! You know the feeling. It is that heart pounding, have to get to the kids, do the homework, make the dinner, bedtime kind of feeling. Only to have to start all over again the next day. First of all, slow down. Take a deep breath and reach somewhere in your brain that takes you far from there so you can get a grip on yourself. Once you have done that you will be able to handle things a heck of a lot better and with a calmer interior. Pace yourself. Slow and steady gets … Continue reading

Planning Healthy Dinners in Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, the more I read about nutrition, the more I worried about my diet. It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan healthy dinners during your pregnancy. When planning meals, it’s important to remember to include a variety of foods. Keep in mind that you don’t need more than an extra 300 calories each day for your baby. When you are planning your dinners, aim for a balance and include foods from all food groups when planning your dinner menu. Include whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables. Drink milk with your dinner to add calcium and a … Continue reading