Cleaning up at the Dollar Store

Keeping your house clean can get expensive. Every time I go to the grocery store I’m amazed at how expensive cleaners can be. Everything from window cleaner to laundry detergent just seems to keep getting more and more expensive. In this economy who can afford to spend money on something they are going to wash down the drain? I prefer to use natural things to clean my home. I don’t want all of those chemicals in the air and on the surfaces my family touches. However, not everyone is a fan of using vinegar and baking soda. Commercials have done … Continue reading

Need a Frugal Vacuum Solution

Can you come up with a creative solution to help me save my vacuum? Most of our family life, we have been living with hard floors in our homes. We usually prefer hardwood, but will take tile for bathrooms and for the kitchen. When we moved into our current home, there was a dingy carpet covering the front hallway and the living room, and another covering the bathroom floor. We quickly pulled up the living room carpet and finally got rid of the one in the bathroom as well. However, since the time that we have moved in, my husband … Continue reading

The Money Saving Benefits of Spring Cleaning

With the exception of Kate from Jon & Kate Plus Eight and the British ladies on “How Clean is Your House,” I’ve never seen anyone who really enjoys cleaning. Maybe I am watching too much reality television and not getting out enough, but tell me, do you like to do heavy cleaning? If you are like me and need some extra motivation, here it is. There are actually money saving benefits from spring cleaning. I’m serious. Here they are. The obvious benefit is by doing a good spring cleaning, you are eliminating a lot of allergens that might otherwise go … Continue reading

Frugal Cleaning Arsenal

If you want to attack your dirt, you’ll need an arsenal of supplies. But forget the fancy cleaners, battery powered mops, and expensive robots. You can have a sparkling clean house without spending a lot of money. Head over to your local warehouse and/or discount club and pick up the following items. You can use them to make your own cleaners and cleaning equipment arsenal. Baking soda: A natural deodorizer and scrubber that is great for cleaning ovens, microwave ovens and the refrigerator. Combined with the next ingredient, it can clean bathrooms. Vinegar: A grease cutter that makes surfaces shine … Continue reading

Three Frugal Ways to Remove Soap Scum

Bam, Pow, Wham! Don’t buy expensive soap scum cleaners when you have three frugal options that will do the job for a lot less. In the home we used to have, we had a combined shower and tub, and regular normal cleaning of the wall prevented any soap scum build up. In our current home, we have a master bathroom that contains a shower stall with glass shower doors. Unfortunately, the soap scum can build up pretty quickly on those doors, even with regular cleaning. Don’t ask me why the soap scum is doing this. Perhaps it is because of … Continue reading

Frugal Bug & Tar Remover

One of the most disgusting things has got to be the little bits of bug guts that can accumulate on cars and even on the windows of your home. Maybe this doesn’t bother everyone the way it does me, but I have major issues when it comes to bug guts, bug parts, bug trails, etc. The situation gets worse when those bug guts get the opportunity to bake for a couple of days in the sun. One of the first things you might be inclined to do is wash your car in one of the traditional methods, by hand or … Continue reading

Introducing Frugal Cleaning!

It is an exciting time here at the Frugal Living Blog. That is because we have a new category called Frugal Cleaning. I am so glad that we have added this, since there are so many great ways to save money while cleaning your home and your belongings. I’m sure we will be adding even more articles about frugal cleaning soon, so check back often. Meanwhile, here are a bunch of great tips and tricks to get you inspired. Clean That Bathroom for Free! Today I’m going to tell you about a free way to clean your bathroom and get … Continue reading

Flylady the Frugal Way

Have your heard of FlyLady? She is a very popular woman who teaches and supports others on how to keep a clean, clutter-free home. Through her books, tools and website, she promises to help keep you on track. I have many friends who swear by the FlyLady’s methods for maintaining their homes. I’ve even done a bit of flying myself. But is flying frugal? Well it can be. FlyLady doesn’t ask you to do anything that would break the bank, and she has hundreds of positive reviews on the merchandise she sells. But of course, I started to think about … Continue reading

Frugal Cleaning: Using Lemons

Put those lemons to good use in your cleaning to save $$$$! Who doesn’t like the scent of lemons in a nice clean house? Practically every commercial cleaner out there on the market has a version that contains a lemon scent. Sometimes the scent is not just lemon, but “fresh lemon.” I have even seen a cleaner with the scent of a “fresh lemon breeze.” I’m not sure how breezes get to be lemon scented. Perhaps they hold the lemons up to the kitchen window? Regardless, there is a reason behind the lovely scent of lemons in cleaning solutions. Not … Continue reading

Save Me Sink Fund

If it wasn’t for our sink fund, we would be in a lot of trouble this week. In fact, even with the sink fund, things are looking a little shaky. This week alone, we lost our water to our house faced with a major repair costing a few thousand dollars to a truck we just bought, after already sinking $500 into this same truck.  Sigh. It has not been a good few days financially. We’ve only owned the truck for about four weeks, did all of our homework, bought it from a relative, and did everything we could have to … Continue reading