After Easter Tips

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Now that Easter is behind us, it is time to take advantage of certain after Easter bargains and ideas for your frugal living lifestyle. Here is what you could be doing this week to contribute frugally to your household with Easter-related stuff. Stock up on that bargain easter candy. Most of the candy can be frozen and then doled out during the rest of the year. You can also use Easter candy in baking. Pastel M&Ms that have been chopped or ground up make a really festive topping for … Continue reading

Here Come the Frugal Easter Blogs!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great Easter weekend, and if you don’t celebrate the holiday, then join me in celebrating the Spring and all that goes with it. Here at the Frugal Living Blog, we’ve shared a few ideas for having a frugal Easter. There is everything from “how tos” about creating a special Easter basket to some great ideas concerning what to do with all of those leftover eggs. Just in case you missed any of those articles, here is a quick review. We hope you enjoy them all! Frugal Egg Decorating Ideas Why spend tons on … Continue reading

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk Eggs

Here is a great frugal Easter gift that the kids will love. It is a great addition to any Easter basket, or as a gift to be used year round. You can make your own sidewalk chalk eggs with a few simple ingredients in practically no time at all. I love this gift idea because it is an Easter basket filler that doesn’t require a trip to the dentist. And it is very frugal because it costs much less than buying traditional Easter basket toys. The chalk eggs can be used any time at all, not just at Easter. My … Continue reading

Five Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Who says you have to spend to spend a lot on Easter Baskets? I don’t like baskets myself because they just get thrown out (waste) or need to be stored the whole year to use just one day (clutter). If you just look around, I bet you’ll find many creative ideas for things you can use instead of those expensive baskets. Reusing the “baskets” will make things especially frugal for Easter. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Plastic sand pails with shovels are on sale now in preparation for the upcoming summer. Snag a few colorful … Continue reading

Ideas for Using Leftover Easter Eggs

Don’t throw your money away by letting your Easter eggs go to waste! Being frugal means conserving what you have and reusing what you can. Here are some great ways to use up both the Easter eggs and the shells. Every year around Easter time, my kids get so excited at the idea of decorating Easter eggs. If it were up to them they would decorate at least three or four dozen eggs before they got tired. Normally I try to restrict them to about 12 to 18 eggs. After all, there are just so many hard boiled eggs I … Continue reading

Frugal Easter Egg Dyes

If you want a frugal and natural way to dye your eggs, look no further than your own kitchen. You’ll save money and have the coolest looking eggs on the block. In an earlier article, Frugal Egg Decorating Ideas, I talked about some frugal ways that you can decorate your eggs for Easter, and how to put the actual eggs to good use instead of throwing all of those hard boiled ones out. In that article, I recommended using food coloring to “dye” your eggs. But did you know that there are even more frugal ways to color eggs? Believe … Continue reading