How to Make a Weekly Frugal Food Plan

Food is quickly becoming one of the biggest expenses in the average family’s budget. Attack your food budget with a weekly money-saving plan. Each day pick a task that will help you save money on your food bill. Developing a weekly frugal food plan can reduce the cost of feeding your family. Below, you can see an example of my own weekly frugal food plan. You can use it as a guideline and customize it to make it your own, so it makes sense for you and your family. Sunday Go grocery shopping with a list and coupons. Distribute bulk … Continue reading

How to Use Holiday Food to Save Money

Many holiday foods are starting to go on sale in anticipation of the holidays. The grocery stores want you to shop with the, so they will deeply discount the items that you need for your holiday table. To be frugal, take advantage of these sales and use the items in your cooking throughout the year, making the cost per serving of your regular meals go way down in price. Here are some of the common holiday foods that you will find on sale and how to use them to save money. Turkey and Ham The bigger the better with these … Continue reading

How to Make Budget-Friendly Lunches

My kids like to take their own lunches because they can spend the precious little time they have eating instead of waiting in line to get their food. I like making their lunches because it saves money, and I can control the levels of nutrition and the amount of food they get (for my skinny son, the school lunch still leaves him hungry). To make our school lunches the most budget friendly that they can be, incorporate some of these frugal strategies. Reuse your lunch bags Spending lots of money on baggies can defeat the savings of making your own … Continue reading

What Food Can You Freeze?

Freezer cooking can definitely save money and time in your household, but do you know which food freezes well? Understanding what you can freeze and what you can’t will help you avoid loss of food. Plus, if you know that something will freeze well, you can then stock up on that item or the ingredients to make it, saving even more money. Here is a list of food stuff that can go in your freezer and be enjoyed later. Baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, brownies, cookies, rolls, bread, buns, pie crust and pizza crust. For best results, frost cakes … Continue reading

Frugal Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. Here is how to come up with some great gifts without worrying about having to add an extra line item to next month’s budget. You can have the opportunity to give a great Valentine’s gift or gifts without spending much. Gift basket under $5 Head over to your nearest dollar or discount store. Chances are that you can put together a great gift basket for less than $5, including the basket. Pick out a few special things that might be available there. If that isn’t enough, supplement the basket with baked goods, homemade crafts, samples … Continue reading

Frugal Freezer Breakfast Meals

Want to cut down on your breakfast expenses? One way to do it is to avoid the convenience cereal and create your own delicious breakfast meals that you can just grab on those hectic mornings. We talk a lot about creating freezer meals in order to take advantage of sales and stocking up on great coupon deals. But often, breakfast gets forgotten when we consider creating and having freezer meals. This is a shame. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. On top of that, making breakfast in bulk is pretty easy, and breakfast foods tend … Continue reading

Frugal Lunch Box Ideas

Okay, we are into October now, long past the time when back to school lunches were new, and I could get away with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Plus, my son is starting to talk about some of the cool snacks that some of the other kids bring. I want to be able to keep my son happy, while providing a nutritious lunch and snacks, and also saving money. On a recent trip to Target, I asked him to point out some snacks and lunch food that he would love to see make it to his lunch box. Mind you, … Continue reading

Easy Food to Cook from Scratch

If you want to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to cooking from scratch, go after those items that are over inflated at the grocery store. A few simple ingredients, and you can shave 50 percent or more off of the cost of making these meals and food items. Concentrate your effort here to reap the biggest rewards in savings. Cream Soups Store-bought cream soups are usually laden with all sorts of extra salt, fat, preservatives and chemical flavor enhancers. Homemade cream soups are easy to make, better tasting and cheaper than the store bought brands. … Continue reading

Frugal Breakfast Recipe Choices

I’m sitting here, enjoying the daylight savings time and contemplating what to make my family for breakfast today. Making breakfast from scratch is a good way to save money. Cold cereal, while we do love it, can get pretty expensive. And we also have a tendency to overeat it, since it isn’t very filling. Pancakes are great, but sometimes we want something different. Of our frugal breakfast choices, here are items on the menu. These are breakfast foods that I have made so many time that I can probably make them in my sleep. Scrambled eggs and cheese Eggs are … Continue reading

The Frugal Banana

Bananas are a great frugal food, but make sure that you watch banana prices carefully. Like other foods, bananas prices will rise, due mostly from the cost of shipping them to your store. The average banana price here in my little corner of Pennsylvania is about 79 cents a pound, currently. About two weeks ago, the average price seemed to be 49 cents a pound. There are still two places where I can find the bananas for less here. The first is Trader Joes, a health/gourmet food store. At Trader Joes, bananas are selling for 29 cents pound. The second … Continue reading